Bandido And Flamita Are The Next Big Attraction In Lucha Libre

Bandido & Flamita have been exploding in the global independent wrestling scene in the past two years. Things are looking good for the pair from Mexico and it seems that they’re the next big tag team attraction in Lucha Libre. The tag team that started to compete full time in Dragon Gate and are now in track to become the best representatives of Lucha Libre to the world.

From Fenix & Penta to Flamita & Bandido

Photo: MLW

The Lucha Brothers are the new standard of Lucha Libre. Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix have really become huge attraction in the indie wrestling scene since their popularity rose in Lucha Underground. Germany, UK, South America and the US have experienced the insane action that the brothers bring to the ring. When non Mexican wrestling fans talk about Lucha Libre, the first names that come to mind are Fenix and Penta El 0M.

Now, with rumors of the brothers joining Vince McMahon, this has tarnished the journey of them in the indie scene. Although that remains to be seen, it’s pretty obvious that WWE is shooting for them. Many fans are worried that they will start to lose their Lucha Libre style in the indie scene with the disappearance of Pentagon Jr. and Flamita.

Not to worry, Flamita & Bandido are here to the rescue. The tag team started to wowed everybody went they went against The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) in Dragon Gate and in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). Although Flamita is the more known of the two, with appearances last year in PWG, PROGRESS Wrestling and his main promotion Dragon Gate, his tag team with Bandido have elevated his stock in the indie wrestling scene. Flamita has a babyface lucha look like Fenix, which people tend to confuse the two. Bandido on the other hand has a unique mask that intrigues the public and can really do wild stuff in the ring, just like Pentagon Jr. As a unit, Flamita and Bandido hold the PROGRESS Wrestling Tag Team Championships and The Crash Tag Team Championships.

In the recent months, their names have really gained notoriety in the indie wrestling scene. They exploded in the US tour of PROGRESS as the champions, later in the AAA Worldwide tour. Bandido had the most exposure when he was featured in the main event of the All In show in Chicago. Just recently, the best matches in PWG: BOLA featured Flamita and Bandido in their respective matches. Moreover, they were part of Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro)‘s British J Cup.

More Lucha Libre Coming

Flamita and Bandido are not the only representatives of Lucha that you need to watch out. Guys like Puma King had a huge impression in PWG BOLA. The youngster and relative to Negro Casas is affirming his decision of leaving CMLL for the indie wrestling scene. Rey Horus is another guy that can really bring it to the ring and can go toe-to-toe with a lot of people. Dragon Lee is still on the forefront, as too is Volador Jr. from CMLL. Lucha is alive and well, even if Penta and Fenix join the WWE.