#AndNEW: Xix Xavant Wins WWC Universal Championship

The Lost Soul, Xix Xavant, made history yesterday for the oldest wrestling promotion in the Caribbean, World Wrestling Council. In a change of the tides on Septiembre Negro, Xavant beat Mighty Ursus to win the WWC Universal Championship.

An Unlikely Hero

Xavant is a young veteran that started in International Wrestling Association‘s last days. The face paint warrior was on and off with WWC since 2012 and had only won the WWC World Tag Team titles with veteran Chicano. Xavant was gaining recognition from his peers and fans in the fading wrestling promotion. His obscure persona and babyface status made him a recent favorites by many.

Last week, WWC President Victor Jovica asked fans which wrestler should challenge Ursus for WWC’s main championship in Septiembre Negro. The vote was between WWE Superstar Primo Colon or Xix Xavant. The latter got 80% of the vote from the fans, winning in a landslide against the youngest of the Colon family.

Xavant, who months ago was in the undercards against Ray Gonzalez Jr., beat the monster from El Sindicato and made history. After the win, Ursus destroyed Xavant and had to be taken off in a ambulance by the babyface locker room. Xavant without winning the WWC Jr. Heavyweight, the Television or Puerto Rican title, won WWC’s main prize.¬†Although Xavant wasn’t a big of a star like Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion, Cuervo, OT Fernandez or even Bellito in the past, his win represents a sort of good news for the veteran promotion.

For years, WWC has had a lot of heat for relying veterans to carry the company. And alhough Xavant is no youngster himself, his win is a breath of fresh air for the now number three promotion in Puerto Rico. WWC was able to destroy prospects like OT Fernandez, Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion and just recently they dropped the ball with Bellito, so the Xavant move looks more as a desperate tactic than a prize for the hard work of Xavant.