Gilbert El Boricua (Mesias) Debuted Against LA Park in CMLL Arena Mexico

Gilbert El Boricua finally saw action in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) last Friday. The 4x AAA Mega Champion and Lucha Underground Champion faced off against old rival LA Park.

CMLL had their traditional Arena Mexico show on Friday. Among the matches, the main event for Aniversario had a heat-up match before the grand night. Matt Taven tagged with Caristico & Volador Jr. to face Rush, Cavernario & Bestia del Ring. This match follows the Lucha de Apuestas that will headline CMLL’s 85th Anniversary. The match ended in DQ after some fouls.

In the semi main event, formerly known as Mesias in AAA Worldwide, Gilbert el Boricua will tagged with Mephisto & Negro Casas and went against former longtime rival LA Park, Atlantis & Mistico. The tecnicos beat the team of Mesias in a two out of three falls match.

This was the debut/return of Gilbert El Boricua in the promotion. When talking to the press on Tuesday (last week), the former Mesias explained that he wrestled in Arena Mexico in the late 1990s in his early 20s at the start of his career. That was a time were Gilbert was being tested in various part in the world, like Extreme Championship Wrestling, WWF/E, CMLL and even Japan’s independent scene.

This was the first time in 20 years that Gilbert el Boricua wrestled in the cathedral of wrestling. Gilbert El Boricua will now be his new name since his old parent company, AAA, holds the trademarks of his name and surname. Gilbert became one of Mexico’s most important wrestler in the mid 2000s. He was the first ever AAA Mega Champion and had epic rivalries with LA Park, Texano Jr. and Vampiro. It was until recently were he announced his official exit from AAA and his incursion in the independent wrestling scene. His arrival to CMLL was long awaited when Klan Kaoz, who are facing Los Guerreros Laguneros on CMLL Aniversario 85, appeared in Arena Mexico.

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