The Story So Far: World Of Sport (9/1/18)

The Story So Far: World of Sport is a weekly column that catches you up on the previous weeks of WOS and its storytelling, so if you miss a week (or what to just jump into the show for the first time), you have a summary of where the storylines are at and where they’re headed.

World of Sport Episode 5 Recap:

AlphaBad (Kip Sabian and Iestyn Rees) defeated Stevie Boy and BT Gunn.  A fine tag match which again showed that Boy and Gunn are the best team on the roster.  In the end, Sabian and Rees went through.

Crater defeated Gabriel Kidd and Liam Slater.  Crater just stood and watched as Kidd and Slater had a nice technical exchange before mowing them down.  Crater continues to leave nothing but a trail of destruction.

Bromance (Nathan Cruz and Adam Maxted) defeated British Bulldog Junior and Grado.  A bit of dissension in the bromance between Maxted and Cruz wasn’t enough to stop them getting the win.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Viper, Ayesha, Bea Priestley and Kasey Owens.The women’s division went to war in a battle royal.  High points of the match revolved around KLR’s comeback and the Viper vs Ayesha teases.

What’s in store for Episode 6?

British Bulldog Junior vs Rampage

Photo: WOS

The sone of the biggest legend in UK wrestling history holds a win over world-renowned star Will Ospreay and was very impressive in tag team action with Grado.  Rampage will most certainly have his cronies in tow to help him keep the gold.  Maybe Grado can counter Rampage’s goons and help his friend get a fair fight.

One last time

Joe Hendry will take on his nemesis Martin Kirby after Kirby cheated to win their last match.  The twist this time is it will be a submission match.  Hendry would love nothing more than to get revenge for the cheating and the betrayal by locking in the Hendry Lock and making Kirby submit.

Tag Tournament Final

The tag team tournament has provided some of the better matches of the WOS run.  Hopefully the final is no different.  Oddly WOS have a heel vs heel final with two cocky, rule-bending teams facing off.  Sabian and Rees are seemingly on the same page and look like the favorites going in, can Maxted and Cruz overcome the cracks in their bromance and claim the gold?

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