Preview: wXw Fans Appreciation Night (8/31/18)

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wXw are coming to Hamburg & Oberhausen for two Nights of Fan Appreciation (FAN). They are joined by their European partners of PROGRESS who will present their own product before / after the wXw shows. Zack Sabre Jr., WALTER, Kris Wolf, Timothy Thatcher etc. will be performing, let´s take a look at the Hamburg card.

Kris Wolf & Alpha Female vs Toni Storm & Killer Kelly

Photo: wXw

Killer Kelly made an international name for herself when she went outside of Portugal to conquer the international wrestling scene. She established herself over the last months and got finally announced for the Mae Young Classic 2018. Another participant in the tournament is her partner for the Tag match: the reigning wXw Women´s champion, Toni Storm. The former STARDOM star Kris Wolf is standing across the ring with Alpha Female (aka Jazzy Gabert) joining her.

Prediction: Storm & Kelly

Doug Williams vs Veit Müller

Photo: wXw

The veteran Williams is taking on the up and coming Müller. This, in any case, will be a useful learning experience for Müller. Williams is on his final stretch of a long and successful career. This could be one of the last chances to see him in Germany, as he already had some “If Williams loses, he has to retire” matches. He is the reigning PROGRESS Atlas Champion.

Prediction: Doug Williams

Sexy Starr (David Starr & Jack Sexsmith) vs RINGKAMPF (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher)

Photo: wXw

WALTER might be the biggest star to ever come out of wXw. He is the current OTT Champion, PROGRESS World Champion and PWG World Champion, so he might also be the most successful wrestler in Europe right now. He had great matches with Tomohiro Ishii and Jordan Devlin over last few days and heads into this this tour with massive drawing power for wXw and PROGRESS. WALTER is so precious to wXw. They really work a great schedule so that he can present himself to the world and is still available for the big wXw events. Their opponents are different like night and day, its like 1980 vs 2018. Straight forward technical Strong Style: RINGKAMPF vs fun and flamboyant performances: Sexy Starr. WALTER and David Starr have a great chemistry together that played out over countless matches all over the world. Thatcher and Sexsmith couldn’t be anymore different which will make this quiet interesting.

Prediction: RINGKAMPF

wXw World Tag Team Championship: Monster Consulting (c) (AVALANCHE & Julian Nero) vs Jay-FK (Jay Skillet & Francis Kaspin)

Photo: wXw

Jay-FK renewed their respective careers after their heelturn. They are the cocky and arrogant team you’d expect when you see them. They are the former wXw World Tag Team champions and lost the belts at Shortcut To The Top to Monster Consulting in a Three-Way Tables Elimination Match that also included RISE. Monster Consulting have been the stars of this years 16 Carat Gold tournament, every British / Irish fan in the attendance chanted for the duo. It is just a matter of time for them to debut for companies like IPW, OTT, RevPro etc.. The next challenge for the victorious team will probably be RINGKAMPF as they are the dominant faction in wXw…and WALTER is in it.

Prediction: Monster Consulting retain

wXw Shotgun Championship: Marius Al-Ani (c) vs. Bobby Gunns

Photo: wXw

Gunns won the Shortcut to the Top match (wXw’s version of the Royal Rumble), which guarantees him a future shot at the World Title. But first he’s gunning to reclaim his Shotgun Championship from Marius Al-Ani, the man he lost it to at Shortcut to the Top. In an interesting turn of events the former team of Al-Ani and Absolute Andy are both on the evil side of the Wrestling world now. The champion will, just like his former teammate, use some dirty tactics to win the match here and retain the Shotgun Championship.

Prediction: Marius Al-Ani retains

wXw Unfied World Wrestling Championship: Absolute Andy (c) vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Photo: wXw

The New Japan Cup winner challenges the 16 Carat Gold winner for the title that Andy won when he defeated Ilja Dragunov at Shortcut To The Top a few weeks ago. Andy will try to sneak his way out of this match and will gladly take a DQ or count-out victory, which most likely will be the way since ZSJ will be protected due to his NJPW status. The Submission Master is a wXw original who helped to build the company. The winner of this match will face Ilja Dragunov on day later in Oberhausen. Can the Technical Wizard reclaim his position at the top of wXw ? We will find out on Friday.

Prediction: Absolute Andy by DQ