AAA TripleMania XXVI: A Mask Has Fallen, Rey Fenix Wins and More

Last night, AAA Worldwide had their biggest event of the year, AAA TripleMania XXVI. The sold out show had the best wrestlers from AAA, IMPACT Wrestling, Major League Wrestling (MLW) and Lucha Underground competing in the same roof. Everybody was glued to their electronic devices to see which mask was going to fall between LA Park, Pentagon Jr., Psycho Clown and Hijo del Fantasma. Moreover, we also witnessed the hair vs. mask match between Lady Shani and Faby Apache.

Hijo del Fantasma Loses His Mask

Photo: AAA

All eyes were in the Poker de Ases main event of TripleMania XXVI. Entering the match, everybody in Mexico expected Hijo del Fantasma to lose his mask. Pentagon Jr. is a freelancer who wasn’t going to lose his mask, LA Park‘s mask is to valuable to lose it in this kind of match, and Psycho Clown won last year’s TripleMania main event and is AAA’s ace (he wasn’t losing that easily). So it made sense to have Hijo del Fantasma, a former CMLL wrestler who really developed as one of AAA’s main guys, to lose the mask on the grandest stage of them all.

Fantasma was left with LA Park in the final sequence of the match. Park hit Fantasma with a spear and won the mask of the 18 year veteran. Fantasma’s real name is Jorge Luis Alcantar Bolly, 34 years old, and he has surpasses his father, El Fantasma in stardom. He wrestled in various indies before joining CMLL, were he won the CMLL Middleweight Championship and the Trios Championship. It was with AAA that Fantasma really showed his talent, winning the AAA Latin American, Fusion and Cruiserweight Championship (respectively).

After the end of the Poker de Ases match, Rey Wagner, who early in the night helped Fenix win the AAA Mega title, appeared on stage to congratulate his best friend LA Park. Wagner proposed to Park to have a Hair vs. Mask match at next year’s TripleMania. It remains to be seen if that’s AAA final plan coming next year on August 3.

Rey Fenix Is The New AAA Mega Champion

Photo: AAA

Two years ago, Rey Fenix departed from AAA Worldwide and became one of the best indie names in the wrestling world. Yesterday, Rey Fenix beat AAA Mega Champion Jeff Jarret, Rich Swann and Brian Cage to win AAA’s most important championship. The match will be infamous for the moment were AAA President Maricela Peña almost got killed by Jarret and company. Rey Wagner (Dr.Wagner Jr.) gave the favor back to Jarret when he got involved in the match in a LA Park suit and Fenix took advantage of the situation. This is Fenix biggest championship win in Mexico and probably in his young career.

Lady Shani Wins Faby Apache’s Hair

Photo: AAA

25 year-old Lady Shani proved that this is her time and beat all obstacle to win AAA female veteran Faby Apache‘s hair. La Parka step in to help the constant attacks of Taurus and help Shani beat her fierce enemy and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. Apache, who previously had lost her hair against Sexy Star, passed the torch to Lady Shani.

Bandido & Flamita steal the show

It’s crazy to think how good Flamita & Bandido as a tag team have become. In the best match of the night, the Dragon Gate tag team (and PROGRESS Tag Team Champions) won an opportunity for the AAA World Tag Team titles. The ladder match had Aerostar & Drago representing AAA, Golden Magic & Laredo Kid representing ELITE, Bandido & Flamita representing The Crash Lucha Libre and Andrew Everett & DJZ representing IMPACT Wrestling.

Sammy Guevara Conquers AAA’s Cruiserweight Division

Photo: AAA

The AAA TripleMania pre-show had a wild cruiserweight match. Australian Suicide was defending against mystery opponents which resulted to be ACH, EVOLVE Champion Shane Strickland and the eventual winner Sammy Guevara. The latter has been in Mexico in multiples occasion, showing off his insane athleticism in The Crash Lucha Libre. His tag team match with Mr.450 against Flip Gordon & NXT North American champion Ricochet remains one of The Crash’s favorite. His work ethic has gotten him very far in Mexico.