White Wolf Wrestling’s Adam Chase Is Now Carlos Romo

Spaniard standout and Triple W‘s ambassador Adam Chase announced yesterday that he changed his wrestling to Carlos Romo. In a social media video by the ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion, Chase said the following:

“I started my career back in 2014. Back then, it was just a hobby and I only had one goal… To fulfill my childhood dream of stepping into the ring. Now, almost four years later, after a lot of hard work and overcoming many obstacles, I’ve accomplished something that didn’t even seem possible at first… make wrestling my full time job. Spanish wrestling is more popular than ever, both inside and outside out country. I think that comes with a responsibly. I want to carry banner to our scene on the global stage, but, if I want to do that, I need to be able to represent myself in the first place.”

The change of name by the Spanish highflyer comes at a moment were the Spanish wrestling scene is on a surge. Carlos Romo explains that the changes come as a matter of cultural identity, since the Adam Chase name is more of a English name that the wrestler employed early in his career for the love of wrestling.

With the booming wrestling scene in the country, Romo now looks to be identified as one it’s prime representatives. The Adam Chase name sounded more like an United Kingdom name that anything.

Romo, alongside A-Kid – also from Spain – have really exploded in the UK wrestling scene. As A-Kid explained in an interview with SoloWrestling, their big chance was with CHIKARA. But, their big breakout match came when they wrestle for Wrestling League . When Lucha Forever canceled a show, CCK defended their Combat Zone Wrestling Tag Team titles against the White Wolf Wrestling team in the Wrestling League show. Romo explained that the CCK match got them in their first on-demand video and that it really help them to stablish a relationship with the UK scene and impress a number of promoters.

Expect to see many great thing from A-Kid and the newly named Carlos Romo from the Spanish Wrestling scene. You can catch them in the wrestling streaming service PowerSlam TV on Roku, Apple TV and other streaming providers. You can download Powerslam TV for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Google Play.

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