Si o Si: BJ Returns to WWL

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The second youngest World Wrestling Council (WWC) Universal Champion, BJ returned to World Wrestling League (WWL) this past weekend. El Fenómeno as he is nicknamed is a former WWL Americas Champion.

Where was he hiding all this time?

BJ, who practicably was made in Puerto Rico’s oldest promotion, WWC, hasn’t been in a major promotion since 2015, when he was part of La Rabia in WWL. In those days, BJ’s rivarly was against now WWL Heavyweight Champion Mecha Wolf 450.

After Richard Negrin closed WWL, BJ took part of Championship Wrestling School, a wrestling promotion for young, up & coming wrestlers. In CWS, BJ mentored promising starts like WWC Television Champion Bellito and one of the members of WWC’s La Revolución. BJ was a firm believer of not coming back to WWC and wrestled for companies that championed young wrestlers, like Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) and even 100% Lucha.

Part of the changes 

Last night we reported the news that former WWF/E Superstar Savio Vega, minority owner of WWL, finished with the company. With Savio’s exit, new minds have come to the company and the future looks promising. An example of this is the return of Danny Nieves, a former booker and one of the best minds in the island, responsible for the development of WWL Heavywieght Champion Mecha Wolf 450.

BJ is probably one of the best promo guys in Puerto Rico and probably the best promo among the young guys. El Fenomenal brings veteran knowledge, good promos and fresh feuds for the number one promotion in Puerto Rico.

Without Savio, Dennis Rivera (Savio’s brother) and Moody Melendez, many have pointed out that this was the end for WWL, but the statement is far from the true. WWL now has space for their top guns like Mecha Wolf, Mike Mendoza, Puro Macho and, above all, great minds behind the scene. Most of the failing issues in WWL lately was in part because of Savio or Moody living in the past and not letting WWL develop fresh new stars.