#AndNEW: WALTER Wins OTT World Championship

The biggest main event in Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling history ended in shock, after a classic show that saw OTT tear up the page and rewrite almost everything, and that includes the main event.  Over The Top World Champion Jordan Devlin faced WALTER in the main event in a David vs Goliath clash.  After a back and forth match in front of a molten hot crowd, WALTER pinned Jordan Devlin and won the Over the Top World Championship.

WALTER Wins OTT World Championship

After 18 months without defeat in a singles match, where he became a hero to the OTT fans and the benchmark of Irish Wrestling, Devlin lost to the monster.  Devlin fought hard and with David Starr (someone who is also yet to defeat WALTER) in his corner came closer than anyone to defeating the Austrian monster, but succumbed to WALTER much to the shock and disappointment of the crowd which had willed him on for the entire match.

WALTER has come into OTT like a freight train. In his debut, he defeated Starr and Devlin in tag action by submitting Devlin; he then knocked out Sean Guinness.  WALTER was built as a monster, an invading force and the biggest threat to Devlin’s Import Killer run.  We said after his PROGRESS World Championship run that this is the year of WALTER and with this win, he adds more major gold to his cabinet.  With WALTER leading the way, Over The Top are on the road to celebrating their four-year anniversary with another massive show on October 13th.

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