Size Doesn’t Matter When You’re The Guy: Marko Stunt Makes His Mark

Marko Stunt
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For many watching tonight’s Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) event Joey Janela’s Lost In New York tonight live on iPPV, it was about as much fun as you could have watching a wrestling match. It managed to capture the feel of an intimate indie fun, as well as the spontaneity of such events, while harnessing that energy – of both crowd and performers – like early ECW PPVs did. There were some great moments – such as ECW Original Sandman returning for a run in on Stokely Hathaway – and some great matches, but at the end of the night, people were talking about “The Guy”. And by “The Guy”, the didn’t mean Joey Janela, Matt Riddle, PCO, or even Nick F**king Gage. It was in reference to diminutive 22-year old Marko Stunt.

Born in Olive Branch, Mississippi, Marko Stunt has only been wrestling a couple of years. An early star with one of Missouri’s indie promotions, Cape Championship Wrestling (CCW, where he’s the new CCW Heavyweight Champion and one half of the CCW Tag Team Champions), Marko Stunt has seen his stock rise considerably in the past few months. He’s worked the likes of Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) in Texas, and this year added IWA Mid South to his indie journeys. He was a participant in this year’s Scenic City Invitational Tournament in Tennessee and turned even more heads.

But tonight he hit a new level of awareness with the wrestling fans tuning into see this young athletic star not only wow the audience with his gifted display of offense, he had them in the palm of his hand emotionally. He was everything a star is supposed to me – minus the stereotypical size. But in a world where size is no longer becoming an issue, and talent is becoming the only true factor necessary, make sure you take note of Marko Stunt’s name. Because it’s only going to be getting bigger and bigger on the marquee lights – which is perhaps the only measure in pro wrestling where size really matters.