Preview: OTT Contenders Hangover Show 2 (8/19/18)

Photo: OTT

The day after WrestleRama 2, Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling will make it’s way to the Ringside Club for another loaded up Contenders show.  New Japan star Juice Robinson joins Shane Strickland in taking on some of Ireland’s best young talents.

Match 1: Gavin Fitz vs. Curtis Murray

Photo: OTT

A battle of two uprising trainees as we have Mongrels vs Legit 100.  The match was made after Fitz changed the event poster to include himself and not Murray.  The aviator will battle a boxer with a stiff right hand in this battle of high flying versus striking.

Match 2: Michael May vs Sean Guinness

Photo: OTT

Two talents who have trained with Pro wrestling Zero-One.  Guinness spent years in Japan wrestling for Zero-One and May spent time training there under Guinness.  If there were two wrestlers in Ireland that personify Strong Style it is May and Guinness.  This bout will be a technical epic that elevates into a bomb-throwing, hard-hitting contest.  Something that both men excel at.

Match 3: Jordan Devlin & Shane Strickland vs More Than Hype (LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin) 

Photo: OTT

Enemies turned partners Devlin and Swerve team up to form a bit of a dream team.  There are four ultra-talented men in this match.  Devlin is the best wrestler in Ireland,  LJ is the heir to that throne, Nathan Martin is fantastic for someone who has only been training for 2 years and Strickland is set to become a mainstay of the US Super indie scene having captured the EVOLVE Championship.  This will quickly break down and we will see all four flying around the ring and hitting crazy tag team spots.

Match 4: Scotty Davis vs Juice Robinson

Photo: OTT

Originally a shooter contest between Matt Riddle and Davis but due to other commitments Riddle was replaced by Juice.  Davis gets to step in the ring with a fantastic wrestler in Robinson who has been one of the most improved wrestlers of the last two years.  Davis is a prodigy of Irish wrestling and is the future of the scene and he gets to take on a New Japan prospect that could be a big star in

Match 5: Session Moth Martina, Katey Harvey & Toni Storm vs Raven Creed, Valkyrie & Debbie Keitel

Photo: OTT

The present versus The Future.  Martina and Harvey teaming is an unbelievable sight for most long-time OTT fans who are used to seeing the two battling it out.  Toni Storm comes back to OTT for the first time in three years, she returns a very different woman than we last saw in Dublin.  Since then she has become one of the biggest names in women’s wrestling on the independent scene.  She was the first ever PROGRESS Women’s Champion and captured the World of Stardom Championship.  This dream team takes on the future of women’s wrestling in Ireland.  Valkyrie is the current Irish Junior Heavyweight Champion, Creed is the current (last?) CCW Women’s Champion and Keitel has recently been training with Emi Sakura and touring with Gatoh Move.  Three of the current stars of the UK and Irish scene against three future stars in what should be a great match.

Match 6: OTT No Limit Championship Match: Terry Thatcher (c) vs Darren Kearney

Photo: OTT

Thatcher defending his title against young prospects will always be good.  The 13-year veteran captured the NLW championship in the biggest moment of his career and now has to fend off the young hungry talents of the Contenders brand.  Darren Kearney has been finding great success in 2018 ever since returning from his training from Lance Storm’s training academy.  The Irish tag team champion and future OTT tag champion could claim his first piece of singles gold but will have to overcome a talented veteran who is desperate to hold onto the title.


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