OMEGA Co-Founder Tracy Caddell Passes Away

Photo: Ted Hobgood

On a day that already claimed the lives of NWA legend Brickhouse Brown and WWE Superstars Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Christopher, a fourth member of the pro wrestling history books also passed away on Sunday, although his name is far less recognizable that the previous three. Long time wrestling promoter Tracy Caddell, who co-founded the infamous North Carolina OMEGA with Matt Hardy, passed away today. His cause of death is not yet released. Tracey Caddell lived to see his son surpass his own wrestling career, in the form of 3x Impact X-Division Champion Trevor Lee.

In 1992, Tracy Caddell and partner Matt Hardy started the East Coast Wrestling Federation (ECWF) before rebranding it as the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA) in 1997, based out of Cameron, North Carolina. Caddell wrestled under various identities, from El Hijo del Fuego to T.C. Brimstone to T.C. Flexer, but retired in 1993 following a bad accident. Tracey Caddell also spent time with Carolina Wrestling Federation (CWF) Mid Atlantic. During his time with OMEGA, he helped train such wrestlers as Hurricane Helms, Shannon Moore, Joey Mercury, Lita, Caprice Coleman, and more.

Many of Tracy Cadell’s peers shared their thoughts on their fallen friend Sunday afternoon.

Our sincerest condolences to the Cadell family and their friends during this time.


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