#AndNEW: Mark Davidson Wins WWL Cruiserweight Championship

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Mark Davidson, one of the most promising wrestlers in Puerto Rico, won the World Wrestling League (WWL) Cruiserweight Championship last night. Davidson was following the steps of Pupe Jackson, who won the title back in April in the WWL return show Juicio Final. He accepted the famous Pupe Jackson Cruiserweight Challenge (Drunken Challenge) last show in Mayaguez and promised to take the Cruiserweight title from the popular wrestler. In Dorado, Mark Davidson did just that and won his first singles title, not just in WWL, but in Puerto Rico for any major wrestling promotion in the island.

Photo: WWL

A Great Future 

Mark Davidson was trained by Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) Heavyweight Champion Star Roger. He started in indie promotions on the island, like Championship Wrestling School, where he is mostly remembered for his feud with now WWL Americas Champion JC Navarro and joining forces with his mentor (Roger).

Davidson with his mentor, Star Roger (Photo: CWA)

Davidson, while CWS Puerto Rican Champion, was part of the Multiverse project that WWL, CWA and CWS – at the time – had agreed to do. The project mixed stories from the three promotions as one, doing shows with talents from other promotions and showcasing it at WWL High Voltage (CWS and CWA didn’t have a television show).

In WWL, Mark Davidson found his groove – he won the WWL Trios Title with Justin Dynamite and Excellence Mantell at the start of the project. When the project was stopped, Davidson stayed in WWL and didn’t head back to CWS. Dynamite would leave for CWA, but in the process, Allison – a female wrestler – joined the winning trio and kept the reign as Trios Champion alive.

Davidson, with Allison and Mantell, remained as champion for over a year. They lost the title in Juicio Final to Puro Macho (Electro, Khris Diaz and PMS) and later Davidson would turn heel and betray his partners. In the sold-out Golpe de Estado, Davidson attacked Allison and solidified himself as the one of the best heel in WWL.

Now, Mark Davidson wants to build a good singles run. He is still deemed as a project that in the future will be a top guy in Puerto Rico, but he has already wrestled in Panama and in the US. His mentor Star Roger, one of the best wrestlers in Puerto Rico, sees him as his best trainee. It seems that the new WWL Cruiserweight Champion has everything figure out.

Photo: WWL