Thanks to the Miz, 2018 MLB All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game will be “Must-See”

The Miz at All-Star Game

Last night, at Extreme Rules, there was a disappointing lack of Miz on the card as creative simply doesn’t have anything for him at the moment. Major League Baseball, however, did as Miz was asked to participate in the annual Taco Bell All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, which took place yesterday at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, after the MLB All-Star Futures Game.

The Miz, who represented the American League and his hometown Cleveland Indians, was the first professional wrestler, WWE or otherwise, to take part in the contest over it’s now 18-year-history.

Thanks to the Miz, 2018 MLB All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game will be “Must-See”

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From those in attendance as the celebrities and legends took batting practice yesterday, the Miz, was one of the most ‘over’ figures there. Despite sharing a field with Bill Nye the Science Guy, former Olympian Jennie Finch, Taylor Kinney of Chicago Fire fame and President George Washington himself — okay, the guy who played Washington in Hamilton the musical, Christopher Jackson, it was the Miz who seemed to garner the best fan reaction.

Never shying away from the persona he’s perfected on TV, Miz answered questions as only he could. He talked about Hulk Hogan‘s name returning to the WWE Hall of Fame, telling Aaron Oster that “if he (Hogan) wants to stand in my corner he can stand in my corner. Just stay out of my WWE ring.” He also found time to push his storyline and slow, but expertly building, feud with Daniel Bryan.

“They’re not going to be talking about Daniel Bryan tonight…What they’re going to be talking about is Miz at the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game. Hitting home runs, taking people yard. Striking people out. That’s what they’ll be talking about. Daniel Bryan is going to be imaginary. People are going to be going ‘What did he do tonight?’ Nothing. He did nothing. No one cares. All they care about is the Miz.”

In addition to perhaps giving away the results of the Raw Tag Team Championship match being held later that night by predicting his former Miztourage, now B-Team (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas), would be victorious, the WWE Star gave an expert answer as to why he was missing Sunday’s PPV.

“I didn’t have a match. If I don’t have a match I need to be shown,” Miz told SBNation. “I need to be highlighted. I need to be the main attraction of entertainment. So if WWE doesn’t want me at Extreme Rules then I’m going to make Major League Baseball the most must-see show of all time.”

But the Miz wasn’t done there. He still found time to chide Wale for not sending him a pair of the rapper’s Intercontinental Championship shoes, which came out in 2016. The shoes, which were revealed to the world by then-NXT champion Samoa Joe, were created in homage to the classic belt, with the primary color of gold being supported by blue highlights. As IC champion at the time of the release (and eight-time champion overall), he made his frustration known about not getting a pair of the kicks.

In front of the cameras, Miz also took his opportunity to cut a promo on the MLB itself, saying he wanted to take on the league’s biggest star. He specifically name-dropped New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge, telling the All-Star that if he wanted lessons on baseball, he could watch Miz in action. In addition, Miz told reporters he was going to become the first player to “knock the ball out of the entire stadium.”

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Through it all, the Miz remained the Miz – cocky, confident, and believing he is the best in the world at baseball. But, he also took a moment to share what it means to him to be in this game and playing aside some of the legends, those he idolized growing up. Not to mention, sharing the field where a day later, the best players in MLB will be playing.

“I love baseball so much,” Miz told SBNation. “To go out there and be on the field where the major league players play, it’s an honor.”

In case you missed the live showing yesterday on MLB Network, you can watch the Miz and what will no doubt be MLB’s most “awesome” legends and celebrity softball game yet, tonight on ESPN following the T-Mobile Home Run Derby. The start time is tentatively scheduled for 10 p.m., permitting the derby doesn’t run long. If so, it will start immediately afterward.

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