LA Park Done With CMLL (For Now)

Photo: AAA

Mexican Wrestling legend L.A. Park has finished his dates with Consejo Mundial de Lucha LibrePark had a hot run lately with CMLL, increasing their attendance in Arena Mexico. His feud with Rush had everybody in Mexico hoping for a Mask vs. Hair match in CMLL’s Anniversary show, but it seems that the AAA fatal four-way main event has more relevance for the original Parka.

LA Park Was Punished (Supposedly) 

The rumors were that, after L.A. Park’s beating on Los Ingobernables leader Rush, CMLL had taken severe punishments to Park and that he was fired from the company. This was later debunked by LA Park himself and in CMLL Informa – their Tuesdays news show.

CMLL official Julio Cesar Rivera told fans in CMLL Informa, “L.A. Park is not suspended, he was not fired, or anything, L.A. Park has commitments in other places and at the moment that he finishes with his dates, CMLL will be waiting for him”.

Park in an interview with Medio Tiempo confirmed his exit from CMLL and said that the AAA deal for TripleMania wasn’t a problem. He also noted that if CMLL had offered him the Mask vs. Hair match with Rush, he would have stayed for a longer time. “CMLL has never offered me a mask vs. hair against Rush, if they had told me that… I would not have come here (to AAA).” He later added, “With all due respect, I’m more interested in Rush’s hair.”

Next for L.A. Park 

Park will be wrestling for now independently with the month of August being a big one because of his match against Pentagon Jr., Psycho Clown and Hijo del Fantasma were the loser will lose his mask in the main event of AAA TripleMania.

The Rush vs. Park hair vs. mask match is not entirely off the table. Rush made the public challenge and CMLL at the last minute could announce the match for their 85th Anniversary.

Park’s exit is partly because of logistics and having two straight matches were he will put his mask on the line, which, for CMLL was a problem because TripleMania was always first for Park and having him put his mask on the line after already putting it in Mexico’s biggest event could diminish the suspense of an Aniversario 85 match.


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