Preview: OTT The Ring Really Tied The Room Together (7/7/18)

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Ireland’s Over The Top Wrestling (OTT) presents OTT The Ring Really Tied The Room Together, the last Tivoli show of the year, possibly ever, and the last stop on the road to WrestleRama 2. It’s another great card featuring the rematch between Jordan Devlin and Mark Haskins, with WALTER looming in the background ready to challenge the winner.  We also have women’s action, Colt Cabana’s return, Club Tropicana’s debut and so much more.  The Ring Really Tied The Room Together is going to be another fire show from the best independent wrestling promotion in Ireland as we get set to say goodbye to it’s home.

Match 1: Damian Corvin vs Lucky Kid

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Corvin as a singles wrestler didn’t get off to a great start after losing to Sean Guinness at the last show.  He faces another tough competitor in Young Lions member Lucky Kid.  Rising to prominence in German Wrestling Federation (GWF) and in the midst of a push in Germany’s biggest company Westside Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) where he is a very over babyface.  Two tag wrestlers facing off always presents an interesting dynamic but both are good enough that this should be pretty great.

Match 2: Valkyrie vs Veda Scott vs Raven Creed

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With the injured Sammii Jayne not being stripped of the title, the division has been left in a slight limbo.  In what is a de facto number one contenders match we have two exciting Irish talents facing a well-traveled veteran.  Valkyrie already had her crack at Jayne at Scrappermania but couldn’t pull off the win and will want another opportunity.  Creed has her own motivations and much like she did in Celtic Championship Wrestling (CCW) would love to rule the division and use the power to bully the other women and use her power to give the division some Therapy.  Scott has been touring the indies for years ever since her peak as a personality in Ring Of Honor (ROH) and will help bring some experience to the match.

Match 3: Club Tropicana (Aiden & Captain Sexsea) & Colt Cabana w/ Jose Idle vs More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) 

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The Tivoli debut of the insanely talented Club Tropicana where they get to team with a man infamous for mixing the comedy with wrestling in the same way these two have been.  In a match with 5 contenders Cabana will add experience like Scott in the women’s match.  The tropical team will bring the fun but their opponents will be all business.  The “bleh bois” compete for the first time in the Tivoli as a trio.  The three best friends have great chemistry and will have the exciting tag combos but also will be more comedic to fit this match.  This match more than any other speaks to the success of the Contenders shows and highlights two teams that have OTT gold in their sights.

Match 4: The Rapture (Charlie Sterling & Zack Gibson) vs Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B. Cool) w/ Team P. Rick

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A rematch from Scrappermania.  The now title-less Rapture were beaten by Ireland’s best the Kings Of The North (Dunkan Disorderly & Bonesaw) in a match in Belfast.  This de facto number one contender match provides them a chance for instant revenge.  The last time these two teams squared off the Rapture outsmarted the Cruzers when they threatened to use a sword on one of Team Prick to force Cruz to tap to Shankley Gates.   One thing Angel will not like is having his own weapons used against him and one can only believe his demented mind has been formulating new ways to destroy their hated rivals.  These matches are always comedy gold and have great storytelling and this will only add to the collection.

Match 5: Trent Seven & Session Moth Martina vs Jinny & TK Cooper

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Martina and Jinny have unfinished business with each other.  The two are complete opposites and have clashed in OTT before.  Jinny said she would always make Martina’s life hell and Martina has stood up to her before and will have to again.  Add to that Trent Seven, a man of many talents, and you have a recipe for something odd.  Martina and Seven will bring the comedy to the match but when things get serious will hit hard.  Cooper and Jinny are a team of Jimmy Havoc students who have egos big enough to fill the Tivoli.  Jinny is on her way to bigger things with the WWE UK deal.

Match 6: Speedball Mike Bailey vs Angelico

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Mike Bailey is pound for pound one of the greatest wrestlers in OTT history.  In 2017, he had a Match Of The Year candidate with Matt Riddle as well as a classic series with Jordan Devlin.  This year alone, he had another instant classic with Keith Lee.  Bailey works best with someone who can keep up with him and Angelico certainly can.  Both are fast-paced grapplers who can do high paced exchanges and cool high spots.  On a show with Guinness vs WALTER and Devlin vs Haskins this is the match of the night.

Match 7: WALTER vs Sean Guinness

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2018’s MVP WALTER has his sights set on the OTT Championship after submitting Devlin in the main event of Haven For Monsters and handing Devlin his first Tivoli defeat in almost 2 years.  The behemoth Austrian is hot property, thanks to his agility and cringe-inducing chops that echo around the Tivoli.  Guinness will be up for a fight.  The basis of Japanese wrestling is fighting spirit and it’s one thing he learned during his years in Zero-One.  In his return match, he suffered multiple double handed chops from Keith Lee and managed to power through.  If he can do that again, he takes away one of WALTER’s biggest weapons.  If not, we may need to scrape him off the canvas.

Mathch 8: OTT Championship Match: Jordan Devlin (c) vs Mark Haskins

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The major plot hole of Devlin challenging Haskins is he still gets to keep his briefcase but this will still be  a very exciting match.  Haskins has been edgier lately in OTT, feeling under appreciated and wanting another run as champion, to prove his previous one was not a fluke.  Devlin has been very confident going into this, even making the challenge to Haskins and degrading Haskins’ previous run which Devlin ended at Being The Elite.  These two were scheduled to do battle at the canceled snow show in March which would’ve surely kicked this feud off.  While the build has been weird it’s always great to see two bonafide OTT guys main eventing a big show for the title.  We also have two guys who have a similar indie style.  Their last encounter was all about the story but this one will be all about the in-ring quality.  WALTER is looming for the winner and Haskins still has his golden contract for a title match whenever he wants.  The title scene has never had so many moving parts and it’s’ difficult to see Devlin come out of this as champion.  But if he does, a certain Aerial Assassin has let it be known that he wants Devlin and the title.


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