Preview: PROGRESS Chapter 72: Got Got Need (6/24/18)

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The best thing about PROGRESS Chapter 72: Got Got Need, other than the name, is how fresh and different it looks on paper.  We have the return of CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) the debut of the Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) and Michael Dante finally getting his big push after years of waiting.  A new challenger rises for Travis Banks as Chuck Mambo looks to pull off a surprise win at Chapter 72.

Match 1: Charlie Morgan w/ House Of Couture (Jinny, Nina Samuels & Chakara) vs Laura Di Matteo


Fresh off her NXT UK debut the current Pro Wrestling: EVE Champion Morgan represents the House of Couture against one of the only people to stand against them.  LDM made her PROGRESS return after almost 10 months at Super Strong Style 16 as the mystery partner for Sierra Loxton and Millie Mckenzie.  A win for LDM could set her up as a challenger for former mentor Jinny, but some Couture interference could lead to a new challenger emerge.

Match 2: CCK vs Maverick Mayhew & Connor Mills


CCK return after Kid Lykos‘ shoulder injury and finally debut in the Tag Team Series.  The road back to the top for CCK is a long one as the tag team Thunderbastard match awaits them at Wembley but a match against these proverbial young lions is a good place to start and test out some of their Sick F**king Tag Moves.  M&M are in the middle of a losing streak as the youngsters are trying to make the huge step up onto Chapter shows and face a trial by fire.  Facing off with some of the best teams in the world will only make the two better but may not help their relationship.

Match 3: Natural Progression Series Final: Chris Ridgeway vs Mark Davis


Two bigger lads clash in an exciting NPS final.  The winner earns a title shot of their choosing and it would make sense for the winner of this match to challenge for the Atlas division championship.  Ridgeway is a rising prospect in BritWres as he is starting to make a name for himself in PROGRESS and has a headline match against Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Kenoh with Frontline Wrestling.  Davis is a great big guy who can have brawls, hoss fights and most things in between and be it in a tag match or singles match he always delivers.  Whoever wins is set to become a star and neither man is a bad choice.

Match 4: Atlas Championship Match: Doug Williams (c) vs Michael Dante


Williams’ miracle run could come to an abrupt end as he faces a Death Machine.  Dante is a tough as nails brawler who is a perfect fit for the Atlas division.  Williams will have to use all of his experience and technical skills to overcome his opponent.  For a once repetitive division, Dante vs Williams is a fresh and interesting clash of styles that continues the last run of a legend.

Match 5: British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs Besties In The World & Josh Alexander


British Strong style return to trio action as Seven has finally recovered from his knee injury.  While British Strong Style are sure to bring it, it’s their opponents that should excite everyone.  Josh Alexander is a veteran of 12 years from Canada who is highly decorated in indie wrestling having captured 19 different championships including reigns with the PWG Tag Team Championships, A1 Alpha Male Championship, AAW Heavyweight Championship and AIW Absolute Championship.  Alexander, known as “The Walking Weapon”, has a great aura and is really skilled in the ring (he also faced Sami Callihan last week on Impact Wrestling’s One Night Only: Zero Fear).  His tag partners are one of the bigger tag teams in the US indie scene. Fitchett and Vega are extremely skilled in-ring workers who are also charismatic and work well together.  Fitchett has earned the nickname “Flippy Shit” for some of his awe-inspiring moves and he backs it up with technical abilities.  Vega is a more all-rounder that is more charisma than in ring work but he is definitely no slouch.

Match 6: Will Ospreay vs Jordan Devlin


The main feud in OTT and a match we may see down the line at a Stadium show in Dublin.  For now, these two will wet our appetites just a little as they face off for the first time ever in singles competition.  Ospreay is building to a huge showdown with Jimmy Havoc and showed more of an edge in his last appearance so it will be interesting to see what character he portrays.  Devlin has the chance to have a coming out show for the PROGRESS fans.  Ever since SSS16, Devlin has slowly built up a following in PROGRESS and a defining showing here might see him gain a permanent spot on the PROGRESS roster

Match 7: PROGRESS World Championship: Travis Banks (w/ TK Cooper) vs Chuck Mambo


Mambo has had a quick rise to this position after being anonymous for most of 2017.  Mambo has always been a fun character, mostly known for his Sweet Jesus tag team with William Eaver, where the two were an entertaining comedy duo.  Mambo was awarded a spot in SSS16 and went to war with Zack Sabre Jr. and earned respect from all the fans.  Then he won the PROGRESS World Cup and now challenges the Big Kiwi, Travis Banks, who is fresh off his WWE UK tournament participation.  Banks has a showdown with WALTER waiting and despite the potential for an upset, he should win here.