Preview: OTT ConTENders (17/06/18)

OTT ConTENders returns to the Ringside club chock full of Irish talent mixing it up with international stars such as Evil Uno and Naoki Tanizaki as well as the return of a great women’s wrestler.

Match 1: Michael May vs Dan Magee

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Dan Magee is a young Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro) wrestler that is making a name for himself in RevPro on their cockpit shows. The Rockstar has faced some of the best in indie wrestling such as Zack Gibson, Josh Bodom, and Adam Brookes as he steps up to become a main show regular. Magee faces Legit 100’s Michael May, May is the technical specialist of the group which also feature Curtis Murray and Scotty Davis. If there is anything that UK based wrestlers are good at its technical wrestling so this one should be a technical grappling special where both get to shine.

Match 2: Club Tropicana (Aiden Epix & Captain Sexsea) vs Chantel Mantel & Session Moth Martina vs More Than Hype (LJ Cleary & Darren Kearney)

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The most talented women’s wrestler Ireland has ever produced teams with Martina in a dream pairing. Mantel is so good on her feet she once ran the ropes IN HEELS.  She has not been seen since Contenders 2 when she wowed fans against Amy Allonsy and Martina. It must be noted that Mantel and B. Cool have never been seen in the same ring. More Than Hype present a different team as Cleary and Kearney get a chance to play off their fun chemistry once again.  The final team is the only regular tag duo in the match who finally picked up a win at the Contenders Hangover show when they defeated The Mongrels (Gavin Fitz, Eddie Stone & Russel Dempster) and look to gain further momentum with a win here.

Match 3: The Armstrongs (Butch & Marian Armstrong) vs Rough Stuff (CT Flexor & Paul Scarfe) 

Photo: OTT

The reasons you need to watch this match are summed up above.  The Armstrongs are fantastic, unfortunately, their debut against the Angel Cruzers was hamstrung but B’s injury but this match should allow them to showcase all of their abilities.  Rough Stuff showed promise against the Kings Of The North (Bonesaw, Dunkan Disorderly & Damian Corvin) and the veterans won’t be happy to lose to their rivals The Armstrongs.  These two teams are no strangers to each other and that can only mean we are in for a treat with this one.

Match 4: Naoki Tanizaki vs Sean Guinness

Photo: OTT

A Japanese indie invasion of OTT.  Tanizaki is in the UK for the PROGRESS World Cup but primarily is a freelancer in Japan having wrestled for Dragon Gate, Dove Pro, FREEDOMS, DDT and strangely Ice Ribbon, a Joshi promotion, as well as many more.  The 39-year-old will bring all of his experience to Contenders as he faces a man that is no stranger to Japanese wrestling. Guinness spent years wrestling for Pro Wrestling Zero-One and has recently returned to Ireland. Returning home has proved one thing, this man is a step above so many other Irish wrestlers, he is just so talented and quick. The style of this match will be very different to what OTT fans know and should be one of the standouts of the show.

Match 5: Scotty Davis vs Jordan Devlin vs Nathan Martin

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This match is what Contenders is all about. An established star, the benchmark of Irish wrestling Jordan Devlin faces two future standard bearers in Davis and Martin.  After losing to WALTER Devlin will be more focused than ever to win against the two Contenders.  Christened by the fans as “Psycho Nathan” Martin won’t be put down easily and is a real X-Factor in the three-way as Davis and Devlin are more disciplined shooter/technical style wrestlers whereas Martin is very much influenced by the New Japan Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight style.  It will be interesting to see how the styles mesh but this is another match to keep an eye on.

Match 6: Terry Thatcher vs Evil Uno

Photo: OTT

Uno is a name that is easily recognizable to most independent wrestling fans mostly known for the Super Smash Bros tag team with Player Dos (Stu Grayson). As the SSB they have put on classic tag team matches mostly in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla with the Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson).  For Thatcher, this is his opportunity to represent the Contenders as their NLW champion as he takes on an indie wrestling star.  Thatcher has gained the support of the fans in his chase for the title as the underdog and he now finds himself in the biggest match of his career, can he handle it? was his tournament win a one-time miracle? We will find out this Sunday.

While we already have a great looking card there is sure to be more this Sunday as Dom Tuck must continue his open challenge-(ah) and Raven Creed is featured on the poster so an appearance from her may lead to an impromptu match.

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