#AndNEW: Bellito Wins WWC Television Championship

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Puerto Rico’s top indie prospect, Bellito, finally beat OT Fernandez to win the World Wrestling Council Television Championship Saturday night at WWC’s La Hora de la Verdad event.

As we detailed early this year, WWC dropped the Junior Heavyweight title and restored the Television title in midst of their champion, Angel Cotto, being in the United States and not having a championship for up and coming wrestlers in the company.

The Television Championship was first contested in a rumble upon returning, that was won originally by Bellito, but Ray Gonzalez as leader of the heel faction El Sindicato, reversed the decision. Later in the week, OT Fernandez became the first official television champion – although WWC claims that Bellito is a two-time Television champion – by beating Bellito in a singles match.

Last night marked was is deemed as the rise of new blood for the Council. OT Fernandez became the new young heel for El Sindicato and Bellito is the most pushed guy of the face side. WWC is resting their future on both guys and the WWC Television Championship has been a catalyst for that.

Photo: Contralona

In 2018, the company’s struggle have made them put more effort on developing a new young promising star, OT Fernandez was one of them, and now, Bellito is the other. A former actor, Bellito’s charisma and athleticism has gather him a loyal fan base. He became the face for the  indie group Championship Wrestling School, which is commanded by former WWC Universal Champion BJ.  Since returning after Hurricane Maria, WWC has given Bellito a lot of time on air in their weekend television show, involving him in the biggest feud of the show against El Sindicato and giving him clean victories in every show that they have. He is expected to have a good run with the title and continue to feud with OT Fernandez, which will give them both the hype that they need to become big money players for WWC in the future.