#AndNEW: Primos Melendez win the WWL Tag Team Championships

Last Saturday, in front of a sold-out crowd in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, the underdog tag team of Los Primos Melendez defeated WestSide Mafia and Holy Fashion to win the World Wrestling League Tag Team Championships.

The triple threat tag team between Morgan & Tabú (Westside Mafia), Mike Mendoza & Angel Fashion (Holy Fashion) and Los Primos Meléndez stole the show. It was on another lever in terms of speed, cleanness and in the difficulty of moves. The Melendez prove to be on the right spot and the right time, when they hit their double team move which ended in a Frog Splash to beat the champions and win the tag team titles that have eluded them for a long time.

Photo: WWL

The Melendez have worked their craft in relative unknown indies in the south side of Puerto Rico. They started in WWL last year in the summer and quickly rose to prominence thanks to their hard work and well executed manoeuvres. Many of the best tag team matches last year involved the Melendez and yesterday they continued to tear the house down.  They took down the one-year reign of West Side Mafia, which was one of the longest reigns (maybe the longest) of any tag team in Puerto Rico.

For Westside Mafia, this ends their hot run that started back in 2017 when WWL built their tag team division around the hype of their popularity. They were voted as the best tag team in the island in 2017 and they even were feature in Last Word on Pro Wrestling’s 100 Best Tag Teams of 2017. They now will enter a feud with Holy Fashion, which was also in the triple threat match and seems to have Westside Mafia numbers, even going as far to recruit original Westside Mafia member El Nazareno.

Holy Fashion weren’t pinned and they both looked scary around the other two tag teams, with their supreme moves, especially Mike Mendoza, who just went wild with an array of kicks and big time moves. It’s clear that their time in the States has helped as a tag team. Just last Sunday, they won the Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling Tag Team championship.

It remains to be seem who are the next contender for Los Melendez Tag Team titles, since WSM and Holy Fashion are entering a feud. Guys like Electro & Khris Diaz could be next on line, although Mendoza and Fashion might want to go first since they never were pinned.

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