Zeuxis Announces Exit from CMLL, Mae Young Classic In Her Sights?

Puerto Rican turned Mexican wrestler Zeuxis, announce today on her Facebook account that she’ll be leaving Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). Zeuxis, who is a former Mexican National Women’s Champion, announced that June 4 will be her last date.

She stated on her Facebook video that “changes were good”. She thanked Paco Alonso and CMLL for understanding her situation and always keeping the door open. She added, “It’s time to tell you that Zeuxis is an independent worker. I’ll be finishing my dates on June 4 with CMLL after 10 years of wrestling career.” She told promoters in Japan, Europe and the US to book her and that many fans in Mexico could now go see her in smaller arenas.

Photo: CMLL

Zeuxis is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, but was primarily trained in Mexico, specifically by Mexican veteran Negro Navarro and later by El Satanico. She has won various mask vs. mask matches, from wrestlers like Silueta, Vaquerita and more famously, former WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Princesa Sugehit, which was the first female Lucha de Apuestas in a Anniversary show of CMLL.

Zeuxis might have her sight on that same tournament that Sugehit was part of back in 2017. During this year’s WWE Hall of Fame, the WWE announced the return of the tournament, which, last year was taped in the summer. Her exit comes a few months before the rumoured tapings could take place. Zeuxis could be the Latin star to represent in the WWE MYC, which is a role that Máscara Dorada (Gran Metalik), Sugehit and Lince Dorado had back in some of the tournaments that WWE has offer.

Zeuxis’ last match is set to take place in Arena Puebla on Monday, June 4. The move is not being seen as a move to go with the competitor like AAA, but more as a transition so that she can compete in WWE’s Mae Young Classic.