WWL and CWA Going Head to Head: Who Will Win?

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Entering the fifth month in 2018 and the Puerto Rican wrestling scene is starting to gain some momentum and heading back to what it was. Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) had a strong start with no competition, then World Wrestling Council returned and finally, in April, World Wrestling League (WWL) came back strongly with maybe the best wrestling show in the island in 2018 (for now). With the return of premier wrestling promotions in Puerto Rico comes competition, and with competition comes a heavy fight for the number one spot in Puerto Rican wrestling.

CWA announced in a press conference back in February that their biggest show of the year, Anniversary X would take place in Dorado, Puerto Rico on May 26.  In WWL‘s return show, they announced that their biggest show in the year, Golpe de Estado, would also take place on May 26. Just today, they announce that their show would take place in the metropolitan city of Guaynabo (mi hometown). This presents itself as the first big head to head show in Puerto Rico.

Some people in CWA were upset with their announcement and with good reason. CWA had announced the date months in advance, so WWL technically could have chose another date. Also, another reason CWA is upset is because of the obvious downfall in fans and in business in general that has presented itself in that last two months. With WWL returning, CWA is loosing grip in the number spot that the promotion had worked so hard to gain. The promotion invested tremendously for their Anniversary X show, even going as far to bring CMLL megastar Carístico.

Since WWL’s return, the tide is quickly changing to their side. Juicio Final showed that the promotion hadn’t missed a beat. They packed the small 200-seat arena in Dorado in a way that CWA or WWC couldn’t compare. Their story, while disorganized, is getting a lot of traction and even though CWA makes a effort on having great matches, non of their matches could compare to the ones that WWL had in Juicio Final. The story of Star Roger having a 400 plus-day reign as CWA champion is falling behind to Mecha Wolf 450 finally being the WWL Heavyweight champion and a possible civil war between the heel stable of Puro Macho with promising talents like Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion and Roxxy.

Who will have the best show? 

CWA has a big international star for the show in Carístico and months of promotion. Plus, their story is keeping a good track record. The problem is, that other than their obvious feud of Justin Dynamite & Star Roger and the fire match controversy between Cuervo and Enyel (more on that in the Caribbean Report this week), there’s isn’t a lot going on with them. They still haven’t show a match of the year candidate – no matter how strong they want to push their fire match between Cuervo/Enyel – and they have yet to gather traction through their supposedly television deal, which in the process, damages their exposure, since their complete matches are rarely shown.

On the other hand, WWL has a big story coming up, a tv show and the best wrestling quality in Puerto Rico. They are teasing once again with the IWA letters (International Wrestling Association) and fans, although a little annoyed because they have seen this play out in the past, are interested (Savio Vega change his profile picture of the Golpe de Estado show with IWA letters instead of WWL). Also, the promotion chose an accessible place and a big arena, which can hold at least 1,000 fans . WWL has set their prices at $12 per person which could give them a big gate on May 26, something that only WWC with a big show can match. WWL is counting on big time wrestlers like Mecha Wolf, Mike Mendoza, JC Navarro, Westside Mafia and possibly Angel Fashion.  After May 26, we may have WWL as the top promotion in Puerto Rico.