Pro Wrestling Revolver Versus Impact: Cinco De Mayo Twitch Special

This Saturday on Twitch, we get another special wrestling event: Pro Wrestling Revolver Versus Impact WrestlingSami Callihan is the link between the two, as the top Impact talent also happens to be the owner of Pro Wrestling Revolver. The stars seemed to have aligned to bring us Penta does Iowa.

Pro Wrestling Revolver Versus Impact

But what exactly will Impact World Champion, Pentagon Jr. be, well, doing? That remains to be seen. No one travels to Iowa for Cinco De Mayo without some sort of plans. The city isn’t exactly known for its tequila or margaritas. Penta El Zero M will be taking on Jimmy Jacobs, for the first time ever. Though this match involves two current Impact talents, this is a much anticipated, and unexpected matchup. The Zombie Princess may prove to be a formidable opponent, but I expect the man with zero fear to come out victorious.

In addition to the champion being in action, the number one contender for Penta’s Impact World Championship, Eli Drake will be in action. He will be taking on Clayton Gainz. Clayton Gainz is quickly becoming one of the top talents in the midwest, and a match with Drake will certainly do wonders for him. At the age of 23, Gainz can definitely eat the loss and still gain a ton of experience. At the same time, he’d gain so much from this victory and Eli Drake could talk his way out of losing anything from a fluke victory from Gainz. I expect Gainz to get the win over Drake at Pro Wrestling Revolver versus Impact Wrestling.

This match is purely fan service, and I love it. ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer, will be taking on one of the best talkers in the world, Jake “The Manscout” Manning. If you have seen anything on the High Spots Wrestling Network, you’ve probably seen Jake Manning. He is one of the most entertaining parts of Five Dollar Wrestling. He’s a commentary fixture for many promotions. When he works in the ring, he’s amazing at getting a crowd against him. I expect this match to be a Dreamer highlight reel, as he makes relatively light work out of Jake Manning.

Zero GravityThe Dirty, and the Night Ryderz will be battling in a battle between three of the top up and coming tag teams in professional wrestling. Say what you will about the midwest, but there is no doubting that it is currently a wrestling hotbed. In a match that could go in absolutely any direction, I’ll take Zero Gravity getting the victory here.

This is the match of the night. Jason Cade, with Famous B in his corner, will be battling the King of Swerve, Shane Strickland.  Famous B will no doubt start the match out flaunting his talents. And Jason Cade certainly is exactly that. Make no mistake, this match will be beyond spectacular, but Shane Strickland comes out on top at Pro Wrestling Revolver versus Impact Wrestling.

The Death Machine versus Lucha Royalty. Jessicka Havok versus Taya Valkyrie. If it weren’t for Strickland versus Cade, this would most likely be our match of the night. This hard-hitting battle between a former Impact Knockouts Champion and a current division standout can truly go either way. I am legitimately flipping a coin on this one. Heads is Jessicka Havok, tails is Taya Valkyrie. The flip has decided by that Jessicka Havok will leave Des Moines victorious. Sorry Taya.

Ohio Versus EverythingMatt Sydal, Zachary Wentz, and Dezmond Xavier. One of these six man teams has a name, the other is three of the top, pound for pound, talents in professional wrestling. The Rascalz versus Dave Crist and Jake Crist might be a close match, even leaning towards The Rascalz, but oVe moves as a unit. Sami Callihan might not be Crist brother, but at this point, he might as well be. oVe takes this match purely based on familiarity.

Matthew Palmer is the current Pro Wrestling Revolver Open Invite Scramble Champion. He will defend the title, as is PWR tradition, in a scramble match. A championship scramble involving Impact Talent? There’s a certain wrestler I have in mind when I hear about this match. That wrestler is the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. He is the Belt Collector. He’s preparing to capture the Ring of Honor Television Title. Along the way he will be capturing the PWR Open Invite Scramble Title. Austin Aries will be ending the night with one more belt around his waist.