Breaking: Universo 2000 Dead At 55

Today, one third of the iconic trio of Los Hermanos Dinamitas, Universo 2000 died at the age of 55. The news was confirmed by his family. CMLL said in a press release, “The CMLL joins the pain that seizes the Luchistic family due to the notable death of Andrés Reyes González, who in his lifetime was the embodiment of Universe 2000 and who was known as The King of the Black Hammer,  becoming one of the most important rudos of the last times in the Lucha Libre”.

Photo: CMLL

Andrés Reyes González was the youngest of the Reyes family, his brothers were Màscara Año 2000 and Cien Caras, the trio known as Los Hermanos Dinamitas which were former Mexican National Trios Champions and AAA Trios Champion.

Reyes (Universo 2000) started in the 80s with Empresa Mundial de Lucha Libre, later known as Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). There, he would feud with Anibal and win the Mexican National Trios Title with his Dinamitas brother. He would later transition to Antonio Peña’s AAA in 1992 where they took with them the Trios title. In AAA, the trio would feud with teams like Los Payason and Los Infernales.

The late 1990s saw Universo 2000 and Los Hermanos Dinamitas return to CMLL. He would end up having a successful run as CMLL World Heavyweight champion – he held the title on three occasions and was the champion with the most defenses – were he would feud with Brazo de Plata, Villano IV,  Rayo de Jalisco Jr., among others. At the same time, he alongside his brothers would form with Apolo Dantes the group known as Los Capos.

Universo in the 2000s would beat Perro Aguayo for his hair, but later in 2004 lost his Mask against Canek. Universo was a pillar in the heavyweight division, wrestling with big superstars like Mascara Sagrada and Alberto el Patron (then Dos Caras Jr.).

In recent years he was wrestling in various independents like International Wrestling Revolution Group and in his home, CMLL. In 2017 his cardiac problems became more intense, with him having two heart attacks. His nephews Sanson, Cuatrero and Forastero – named Los Nuevos Dinamitas- will keep his legacy alive.

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