Aliyah and Kona Reeves Move Up To NXT TV

With the recent Superstar Shakeup freeing up some roster spots on NXT, the past two weeks have shown vignettes for two NXT Superstars to move into a regular spot on the TV product. Last week, we saw a vignette for the re-debut of Kona Reeves, while this week’s hyped the re-debut of Aliyah.

Aliyah and Kona Reeves Move Up To NXT TV


This 23-year Canadian has been wrestling since she was 18 years old, starting off in the Canadian indies as Jasmin Areebi in 2013. Trained by former Impact Knockout Champion Taylor Wilde, she made a quick impact in the indie scene, both in her homeland and the US. Within a year, she was wrestling with AIW, Smash Wrestling, Border City Wrestling and Alpha-1. She joined the WWE Performance Center in 2015 and has sporadic appearances in both NXT and the WWE main roster (she faced Carmella on a January 2017 match on Smackdown Live). In recent weeks, she’s been pairing with new NXT Superstar Kavita Devi (the former student of Great Khali who appeared in the Women’s Royal Rumble at WrestleMania 34) in a combo that has been garnering praise from those who frequent NXT’s Florida circuit. Hopefully Devi follows Aliyah, but if not, Aliyah is more than ready to shine in the NXT Women’s Division.

Kona Reeves

This 26-year old Hawaiian has been with the WWE Performance Center since 2015 as well, trained by Wild Samoan Afa and spending his formative years since 2013 in the Samoans’ indie promotion, World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW), where he’s a former WXW Heavyweight Champion. He spent his first year wrestling on TV and on Live Events as an enhancement talent, first Noah Kekoa and then Noah Potjes, before they settled on Kona Reeves in late 2016. For much of 2017, he was paired with a Chinese recruit at the PC, Gu Guangming (a 6’8″ former boxer), who acted as his bodyguard, but Gu Guangming was eventually released earlier this year. He formed a tag team with Dan Matha for several Live Events, but it looks like Reeves is being reintroduced to NXT television as a singles wrestler.