BREAKING: Former Champion Chicano Departs WWC

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Former Universal and Puerto Rican Champion, Carlos Cotto aka Chicano, announced on social media that his time with World Wrestling Council is over. Chicano thanked WWC management for the opportunities and told that he had other plans for going in the future. He wrote on his Facebook page, “I informed you that since today, I make official mi exit from WWC.” He then added, “This is not the end of my career and I would like to give the best wishes to Carlos Colón and Victor Jovica.”


Chicano is a 15-year plus veteran, who has wrestled in International Wrestling Association Puerto Rico, AAA in Mexico and recently in WWC. He started as part of the group called La Nueva Generación (The New Generation) alongside guys like Abbad and Eric Alexander (Eric Escobar in WWE). He would win the fans love throughout the hot period of the IWA PR in the Junior Heavyweight division and in the mid-card. By 2006, he was a pillar in the promotion, with him rising in the occasion to take the IWA World title and being a main draw for them (IWA-PR), having stellar matches with the late Bison Smith, Hannibal, Slash Venom (Flash Flanagan) and others. He would transition later in WWC, while also working with other promotion in South America and in Central America, especially in AAA Mexico, were he wrestled as “El Ilegal”.

Recently, Chicano noted and was conscious of WWC’s poor effort to connect with it’s fan base and have cohesive storylines and matches. When asked about WWC’s poor quality, Chicano would brush it off, saying, “WWC is WWC” (basically implying that at this point, nothing was going to change). Chicano recently in the Camino a la Gloria tour, lost his Puerto Rican title to Mighty Ursus. Which was confusing, since he had won the title two weeks earlier.

Chicano has been wrestling more internationally know, going to Austria, South America and in the US with his crew known as The Elite All-Star Team (El Leon Apolo, Chicano and Alofa). Cotto (Chicano) will be giving more details about his exit later today in a Live Chat. This is the first exit for WWC in 2018. Last year it was a trend for the promotion, that saw exits from one of their big stars in Mecha Wolf 450 and promising talents like Mike Mendoza, Angel Fashion, Vanilla Vargas, Cuervo, among others.