Alberto El Patron Released From Impact Wrestling

Well, we can’t say that we didn’t see it coming. Alberto El Patron has been released from Impact Wrestling effective immediately.

El Patron no-showed multiple events over the course of this weekend, though he did make an autograph signing and press conference. While Impact has had a major presence at WrestleCon, Alberto El Patron has been what everyone is talking about. This is particularly disappointing, following an amazing event on Twitch, Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground. The former Global Champion has a history of bad behavior, including backing out or no-showing events, backstage fights all over the world, questionable romantic relationships, and arrests. As of this posting, he is still booked for AAA‘s Triplemania.

What does this mean for Redemption? With Impact Wrestling returning to pay per view on April 22nd, the world title match is now without a challenger. The company also has episodes of Impact on Pop! ready to be aired, which no doubt featured El Patron. While it has yet to be seen how the episodes will change, the company has addressed the Redemption main event. At House of Hardcore last night, the Impact World Champion Austin Aries announced the new main event. Fans will get to see a rematch of Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground’s main event, but with the belt on the line. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. will challenge Aries in a triple threat match. With three of the most talented wrestlers in the world competing for the title, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived’s reign has never been more at risk.

It is worth noting and commending the quickness with which Impact has moved. With two weeks to go before the first pay per view under a new administration, the company needed to release one half of the main event title match. Not only is Redemption coming away unscathed, the show has actually improved. Tune in on April 22nd to find out who leaves the Impact World Champion. As for Alberto El Patron? He always seems to find himself getting booked. Many thought he would never return to Impact or the WWE after how his tenures with both companies ended, not to mention his actions while outside of those companies. Perhaps promotions have learned their lessons, but don’t be surprised if you see his name on a card sooner than later.

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