Preview: The Crash at WrestleCon (4/6/18)

The Crash Lucha Libre takes the stage Friday at Wrestlecon with some big dream matches for everybody attending that evening. The Crash runs regularly in Tijuana, which makes this show a rare appearance – their first ever outside of Mexico –  for the 3rd best wrestling promotion in Mexico.

Photo: The Crash Lucha

Aeroboy vs. Amarok vs. Angel Fashion vs. Curt Stallion vs. Drastik Boy vs. J. Spade vs. Jason Cade vs. Matthew Palmer

The first match of The Crash Lucha Libre at WrestleCon, features promising talents from all over the US and Mexico. Aeroboy the most exiting of the bunch, having gain notoriety in places like Chicago, Ohio and even Japan in the deathmatch promotion, FREEDOMS. Curt Stallion is another notable talent, having been part of the Ring of Honor Prospect Tournament and really developing in places like All American Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling. Angel Fashion is another wrestler who is really hitting his strides, winning as recently the Pro Wrestling 2.0 titles, plus having experience in Puerto Rico as a former Junior Heavyweight and Puerto Rican champion for World Wrestling Council. Plus, you have Jason Cade, his is well known for his tag team with Aaron Solo and promotions like CZW and WrestleCircus. The match is to showcase the stars of the future.

Photo: The Crash Lucha

Christi Jaynes & Oraculo vs. Diamante & Douglas James vs. Barbi Hayden & Joey Ryan vs. Black Danger & Lacey Lane

Mixed tag action for The Crash Lucha Libre. Christi Jaynes is a young promising talent who already has appearances in Japan and the United Kingdom. Alongside her, is Puerto Rican star Oráculo (Jay Rios) who last year lost his mask in the Mexican promotion and is know for his tag team in Full Impact Pro with fellow Puerto Rican Sepentico. Diamante is already known for her tag team with LAX in Impact Wrestling, plus her relentless style. With her, is indie Californian wrestler and former Pacific Coast Wrestling Light heavyweight champion Douglas James, who just recently debuted for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Barby Hayden is a veteran for almost 8 years who’s resume includes appearances in WWE, Ring of Honor and World Wrestling Network. She is tagging with Bar Wrestling and Dramatic Dream Team’s Joey Ryan, who is an expert in this kind of matches. Finally, regulars for The Crash, Black Danger and The Crash Women’s champion Lacey Lane will also be in the match. This isn’t a match that will steal the show or that will blow everybody’s mind but is still a platform to showcase great female talent.

Flip Gordon vs. Laredo Kid vs. Rey Horus

If this match can get more than 12 minutes, it could be a show stealer. Breakout highflyer and Ring of Honor’s Flip Gordon is a regular for The Crash and his matches end up having money thrown into the ring. Laredo Kid is another regular in Mexico, who can turn it up when needed. Plus, Rey Horus can always contribute, as he is a former The Crash Cruiserweight champion who has no fear when elevating in high-risk moves. This will al depend on the time that they’re given.

Photo: The Crash Lucha

Bandido & Black Boy vs. Scarlet & Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs. oVe (Dave Crist & Jake Crist)

It’s a shame that Flamita won’t be in this match with Bandido – they are the Tag Team champions in The Crash – since their Dragon Gate and PWG tag team matches have been subpar.  Still, this match with former AAW Tag Team Champions Scarlet & Graves and OI4K (oVe in Impact Wrestling) has all the tools to be a fun match. Not bitter rivalry, just guys that know each other very well. Xavier and Wentz have been going at it with oVe in All American Wrestling for a long time, plus, Bandido made his debut in Dragon Gate against Scarlet and Graves – with a series of matches – and exploded with a great match in PWG.

Brian Cage vs. Daga vs. Sami Callihan vs. Willie Mack

All US guys, except for Daga, this is an interesting match on the card. Brian Cage since signing with Impact Wrestling has gain more notoriety, with him having a great match against Bobby Lashley and being a core for promotions like WrestleCircus and Lucha UndegroundSami Callihan also has a big push on the line – and a big match against Eddie Edwards that weekend – with him being a big part of the recent rise of Impact Wrestling’s ratings since accidently hitting Eddie Edwards with a baseball bat. Willie Mack, al though not a big US name for any major company, is a key part for The Crash Lucha Libre and Lucha Underground. Plus, you have one of the best technical wrestler of Mexico and former AAA Cruiserweight champion, Daga. It will be intriguing who would take the fall in this match and how this match will translate with the fans.

Photo: The Crash Lucha

Flamita vs. Rey Fenix vs. Rich Swann

Before the Rich Swann announcement, this was the most talked about match of the card. Former Lucha Underground champion and The Crash Cruiserweight champion Fenix el Rey and Dragon Gate’s Flamita are a mirror image of themselves. Both display exceptional movement and rope control. In Pro Wrestling Guerrilla they turn the level up with their insane dives and big time moves, which make them exceptional dance partners. Add to the fact that you now have former WWE Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann – it remains to be seen if he will actually wrestler, as some reports have stated he’s withdrawn from his WrestleMania weekend appearances and retired earlier than planned – and you have your show stealer. The action, the speed and the highflying will blow everybody at Wrestlecon. The Crash has three exiting young guys that’ll leave everything on the line.

Photo: The Crash Lucha

La Rebelion Amarilla (Bestia 666, Garza Jr. & Mr. 450) vs. LWO (Damian 666, LA Park & Nicho el Millonario)

People will flock The Crash’s show just to see a rare appearance of L.A. Park in the US. Add to the fact an appearance of Psicosis (Nicho el Millonario) and veteran Damian 666 – basically the old WCW’s Latino World Order –  and you have yourself a unique match happening in The Crash. Their opponents are no other than the top heel faction in The Crash commanded by Garza Jr., La Rebelión Amarilla. With former WWC Universal Champion Mecha Wolf 450 and former The Crash Cruiserweight champion Bestia 666, La Rebelion Amarilla looks to keep their rebellious ways in US soil. Is a match where the past meets the present. Both factions have a history of infamous moments, with disrespect for status and doing “whatever it takes” as their dogma. The match will likely be the most chaotic match on the card.

Photo: The Crash Lucha

Austin Aries vs. Penta el 0M

The Belt collector – Impact Wrestling World, IPW:UK, Defiant, Impact Grand and WSW champion – Austin Aries make his debut for The Crash Lucha Libre against one of their top faces. Penta 0M will surely make Aries’s debut a disturbing one. When Zero Miedo is in this type of big match situation, the Lucha Brother always deliver. Expect seeing Aries working a more adequate paste match, but Penta upping the level and intensity, with them having 20-plus minutes to work with. This is the kind of main event that will have people talking on WrestleMania weekend.