Preview: WWC Camino a La Gloria 2018 (3/31/18)

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Tonight, World Wrestling Council will have their first big show in 2018, Camino a La Gloria. The show is their traditional Easter event, this time around, it will be at the Juan Aubín Cruz (a 3,000-seat arena) in Manatí, Puerto Rico.

The show will be headline by WWE Superstar and heir of the Colon Dynasty, two-time WWE Tag Team Champion Primo Colon challenging for the WWC Universal Championship against Ray Gonzalez. Camino a La Gloria will follow the story of the heel faction El Sindicato’s tyrannous reigns over WWC, with wrestling manager Juan Manuel Ortega leading the charge against them with Mighty Ursus, Bellito and Khaos & Abbadon. Also, in the show, former WWE Superstar Carlito, “El Leon” Apolo and the legendary tag team of Thunder & Lightning.

WWC Television Championship Battle Royal: OT Fernandez, Bellito, “Man-Beast” Enyel, Peter the Bad Romance, A. Roberts, Comandante & Rikochet.

Photo: WWC

This match is to crown the new WWC Television Champion. The title was revived because Angel Cotto, the Junior Heavyweight champion is out of the island and they need a title that represent young and promising talents. The match itself has three big favourites. OT Fernandez, who had a great run as Junior Champion and even defended the title in United States and Mexico, he is heavily highlighted in Wapa TV (the channel where WWC is televise) and great technically sound, is one of the front runners. Peter the Bad Romance is another favourite and a heat magnet, think of him as a version of Zack Gibson, but in Puerto Rico. Bellito is another one, who can fly and sell perfectly, an underdog that WWC wouldn’t mind giving the title.

Prediction: Peter the Bad Romance is the new champion

Xix Xavant vs. Ray Jr.

Photo: WWC

All I can say is, that this is by far the worst wrestler that WWC has to offer. Ray Jr. is the son of the WWC Universal Champion, Ray Gonzalez, but a disgrace for wrestling. Can’t move well, can’t cut a promo and barely has the looks. Xavant is a veteran who is in an endless feud with the son of the part owner & booker.

Prediction: Ray Jr.

WWC Puerto Rican Championship: Chicano vs. Thunder vs. Mighty Ursus

Photo: WWC

Chicano was newly crowned two weeks ago when he beat Gilbert for the title. The oldest championship in Puerto Rico is the most prestigious right now, being defended more regularly and coming back to the man that elevated the title two years ago. Ursus was in a Universal Championship program, but with the Colons back in Puerto Rico, he was place in the mid card for this shows. Thunder is coming back after loosing the WWC Universal title and right now doesn’t need the title. Regardless, this could be the best match of the night if Chicano can turn it up.

Prediction: Chicano retains

WWC World Tag Team Match: La Revolucion (c) vs. Khaos & Abbadon in an Extreme Rules Match

Photo: WWC

Khaos & Abbadon have been on the hunt for La Revolucion’s titles since September before Hurricane Maria, when they left World Wrestling League and joined WWC. The numbers game and cheating of La Revolucion have been a problem for the babyface tag team, but with the match being Extreme Rules, everything goes this time around. La Revolucion would likely bring their third member to the match, but that remains to be seen, since Juan Manuel Ortega – the manager of Khaos and Abbadon – will do everything to stop them.

Prediction: Khaos & Abbadon are the new WWC World Tag Team champions

Lightning vs. Gilbert

Photo: WWC

This is the best worked match of all the card. Lightning returned two weeks ago and cost Gilbert (the man that had beat him for the Puerto Rican title on August) his Puerto Rican championship against Chicano. In a revenge angle, Gilbert would travel to the Dominican Republic and assault Lightning while on vacation, creating in the process the match that we have now. Everybody is emotionally invested on this match, it reminded everyone why WWC can sometimes gather so much fans. This is the kind of angles that touch the fibber of the always hot Puerto Rican wrestling fans.

Prediction: Gilbert

“El Leon” Apolo vs. Carlito

Photo: WWC

More of an exhibition match between two of the best draws in Puerto Rican history. Apolo returns after leaving WWC in the summer. He’s been busy, wrestling in Germany, Austria, Mexico and the United States. Carlito is in the same position. Mostly wrestling outside in Puerto Rico, Carlito was wrestling in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Peru and in the US. A win for both can guaranty a WWC Universal championship match soon.

Prediction: Carlito

WWC Universal Championship: Ray Gonzalez (c) vs. Primo Colon

Photo: WWC

The big attraction of the night is the return of Eddy “Primo” Colon to WWC. Rumours of him living WWE were a big thing in 2017, but it never happened. Instead, we have seen him (Primo) and his cousin, Orlando Colon (Epico in WWE) battling injury after injury. Many would like to see Primo more often, he is the more agile of the Colon family and was always a super babyface for WWC. The reality is, that with him still working regularly for WWE, he is unable to have a clear schedule as WWC Universal Champion. Ray Gonzalez days as a draw are long gone, and many would like to see him loose in Camino a la Gloria and have a role as a commentator (plus he is the booker). The match will be more of an attraction than a good match or anything.

Prediction: Ray Gonzalez retains

*WWC will have the matches of tonight’s Camino a La Gloria event next week on their TV show, which you can watch for free on YouTube.