El Mesias Speaks Out: Details On His Exit From AAA

As we reported last week, Ricky Banderas, aka Mesias in AAA, announce on Social Media that his time in AAA was over after 14 years in the Mexican promotion. Banderas, who is a four-time AAA Mega Champion and a former Lucha Underground champion said that a press conference was going to be held about his exit from the company.

This week, Mesias, joined by mini Rey Mysterio, on a press conference, talked about his relationship with AAA, exit, consequences and future for him.Here’s some notable comments.

When He Injured His Knee, Everything Went Downhill

Photo: AAA

Banderas explained that he injured his knee in June, but AAA made him work through it until the month – that included a tour in Japan – of October. Banderas explained: “When my knee operation was up, I was hurt since June and they made me work almost until the end of October. I talked to Dorian Roldan for money support, but the money was very low. I then talk to the TV producer, Gonzalo Pérez Rodríguez, who knows about wrestling what I know about being an astronaut and told me that, if I wanted more money, I should ask for a loan. They told me that when I had been in the good and bad years with AAA. I had to use my savings to complete the expenses.”

He Never Saw His AAA Contract

Photo: AAA

Banderas explained that he left AAA without knowing how many years he had left in his AAA contract. He explained that every time he asked AAA owner Dorian Roldan to see his contract he was always referred to the lawyer of the promotion, which in the process, never had time for Banderas and the examination of his contract. “Sometimes I asked Dorian to review the contract with AAA, and the lady who is in charge, who is the lawyer, always left with the little game of ‘already going to go’. And I never knew. Maybe I have the expiration in a year, who knows. It’s been four years since it was signed”, explained Banderas in the press conference.

Dorian Roldan Didn’t Help

Photo: AAA

One of the most notable parts of the press conference was Bandera’s description of Dorian Roldan’s behaviour in the company. He said that Dorian wasn’t the same person that he knew before, that he saw how he (Dorian) would contemptuously talk about the talents that would leave AAA, which were the cases for Pentagon, Fenix, Cibernetico and Daga. Dorian himself said that he would close all the doors in Mexico for him (Mesias) and that he would make his life a living hell. He also noted that AAA hold the rights of “Ricky Banderas el Mesias”, but that the Ricky Banderas name goes back to 1998 and not 2011, when AAA supposedly acquire the rights.

AAA could have a case for the EL Mesias trademark, but not the Ricky Banderas, since it was essentially created in Puerto Rico (in US soil) and the true owner was International Wrestling Association Puerto Rico. When Banderas went to World Wrestling Council in the late 2000s, he couldn’t use the “Ricky Banderas” name, because, IWA at the time, hold the rights to it. So, AAA could block easily the use of “Ricky Banderas El Mesias” name, but not the name solely without the “El Mesias” part.

He Hopes To Continue Working with Lucha Underground

Photo: El Rey Network / Lucha Underground

It was reported already that Banderas will not be in the Wrestlecon, Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground show, instead he’ll be at the Contralona PR table with Drago, Mecha Wolf 450 and Savio Vega. But, he explained that he still looks forward the opportunity to work with LU as Mil Muertes, since talents like Pentagon Jr and Johnny Mundo, who had left AAA, were still part of LU.

His relationship with Vampiro

Banderas explained that he doesn’t hold any grudge towards Vampiro, even though he was the booker in the Rey the Reyes show were Banderas was set to lose against La Parka. Banderas himself explained that Vampiro had his hands tied by management in AAA and that a big part of his career is due to the great matches that he had with Vampiro.

His Future

Photo: AAA

Banderas is set to have his first independent match against his old rival El Cibérnetico on 4/28. He said that he’s open to work with The Crash and CMLL, although the latter one would be difficult with AAA’s pressure. He also noted that he has three to four years left of wrestling career.

Banderas will be a regular in the Mexican indie scene but expect him to also find a home in Puerto Rico. He, alongside the Colons, is a big draw. People may think WWC is the grand favourite, but, in reality, World Wrestling League is the promotion with most chance. WWL has Moody Melendez, who was a booker for AAA when Banderas was on top, plus his old boss, Savio Vega, is part owner. Also, his old tag team partner, Shane “The Glamour Boy”, is in WWL, which makes everything more suitable for a Mesias return. The last show of Banderas in Puerto Rico, was in 2015 with WWL.