Match Point: Lucha Brothers vs Teddy Hart & Jack Evans (4/7/18)

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Match Point is an ongoing series at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, where we look at intriguing matchups in indie wrestling and beyond. They may be dream matches, first-time matchups, or hotly anticipated rematches. Today’s edition features a match up from one of the WrestleMania week events, where it’s The Lucha Brothers (Penta El 0M & Rey Fenix) facing off a reunited Hart Foundation 2.0 (Teddy Hart & Jack Evans) face off as part of WrestleCons’s Pancakes & Piledrivers II: The Indie Summit over WrestleMania weekend. Alex Richards looks at Lucha Brothers vs Teddy Hart & Jack Evans.

The Wrestling Revolver is a lesser-known super indie style company in the US.  Last year at the MoreThanMania weekend they had the revolutionary idea of having Pancakes and Piledrivers.  An early morning show with fun wrestling and pancakes.  Whats not to like.  They bring the Pancakes and Piledrivers to Mania weekend once again this year and have announced this huge match.  The crazy duo of Jack Evans and Teddy Hart, versus the insanely talented and deadly team of Rey Fenix and Penta El 0M.  One pair of brothers against two men that are practically brothers all of whom have “Ciero Miedo” when it comes to wrestling.  Someone might die in this one but hey at least there’s pancakes.

Photo: Contralona

Lucha Brothers (Penta El 0M & Rey Fenix)

Rising to fame thanks to Lucha Underground, the two former AAA stars have become big names in the US indie scene.  In part to Pentagon’s enigmatic Jeff Hardy-esque charisma mixed with Fenix’s high flying skills, they are a pair that has been hugely successful since leaving AAAThey have regularly teamed together in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), even claiming the PWG World Tag Team titles.  Penta is one of the scariest brawlers in the world.  The man has no regard for his opponent or the fans.  He loves nothing more than getting into hard chop exchanges or light tube exchanges with his opponents.  His teammate and brother Fenix can pull off some of the most awe-inspiring moves ever.  The variety of ways he can hit a tornillo or a frankensteiner mixed with his signature Spanish fly make him one of the worlds best high fliers.  As a pair, they present a challenge to anyone you have Penta trading shots and brawling to overcome as well as Fenix flying at you.  They share a common love of putting their bodies on the line to get the win.

Photo: MLW

Jack Evans & Teddy Hart

What better way to counter the Lucha Bros. than by having two of wrestlings biggest daredevils team up again.  The pair has teamed together off and on for about 15 years having been trained together in the infamous Hart Dungeon.  They teamed as The Hart Foundation 2.0 in Ring Of Honour as well as AAA and Stampede in the early 2000’s.  These two clearly know each other very well and have a very similar view of wrestling.  They are flashy show-offs.  Hart is more of a powerhouse that can do some insane powerbomb including a powerbomb into a cutter.  He can, if needed, pull out some flips like a Phoenix Splash variant of his Open Hart Surgery Finish.  While he is most known for his antics including jumping off a cage in an unplanned moment of insanity, he is actually a good wrestler with a variety of painful looking moves.  He teams with a man who has to be seen to be believed.  Jack Evans is a man that can do a Phoenix Splash Hurricanrana.  Yes, a Phoenix Splash Hurricanrana.  Add that to his Asai moonsaults, a Sasuke special hurricanrana (handspring over the ropes into a hurricanrana), a 450 plancha and some double jump move and Evans has an impressive death-defying arsenal of moves.  It is clear that nobody in this match will give it less than 100% and there will be some jaw dropping moves on display.  This one will be an absolute pleasure for the live audience and one that everyone needs to search out once it is available to watch.