WWC To Revive the WWC Television Championship

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In this weekend’s World Wrestling Council tv show “Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre”, it was announced that a legendary championship will be restore for WWC’s two-night event Camino a la Gloria (Road to Glory). The WWC Television Championship will make its return once again to the WWC. The title was last seen in 2008, back when WWC was in a bitter war against rival wrestling promotion International Wrestling Association (IWA-PR). Chris Joel – the television champion at the time – jumped ship to IWA Puerto Rico and in the process vacating the TV title.

Photo: WWC

Now at Camino a la Gloria, WWC will have a Battle Royal with Sudden Death, where young stars will take the stage to battle for the WWC Television Title this Saturday March 31, 2018. The wrestlers announced for the match are: OT Fernandez, Peter the Bad Romance, Rikochet (not to be confused with WWE’s Ricochet), “Man Beast” Enyel, Bellito, A. Roberts and Comandante (who is part of the stable La Revolucion).

Origins of the TV Title

Photo: WWC

The WWC Television title goes back to 1986 when WWC was Capitol Sports Promotion. The title was fought in an epic tournament that is still remember by fans, that saw wrestling legend Ron Starr beat José Gonzalez (Invader I) in the finals of the tournament to win the title. From there, the title was considered a “workhorse” title, reserved for those mid-carders who gave it all in the ring. TV Champions in those days included Keiji Mutoh (The Great Muta), Dick Murdoch, TNT (Savio Vega), Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, among others.

Later in the 2000s, the championship was held by up and coming talents in WWC. The title holder included a young Carlito, Mecha Wolf 450, El Nazareno, Val Venis, Chris Candido and others.

Why Is It Being Restored?

Photo: WWC

Reports inside the promotion detail that because of the absence of the WWC Jr. Champion Carlos Cotto (and in the process, the Junior Heavyweight title), WWC decided to go with the TV title because they needed a championship that represented the young talent in the roster.

Right now, the favorites to win the title are: OT Fernandez, who really had a good run in 2017 with the WWC Junior title, Peter the Bad Romance, who was awarded in 2017 the most underrated wrestler in the island and is a great heat magnet and Bellito, who is seen with great potential by WWC officials.