CWA Press Conference: TV Deal, Carístico, Anniversary X and more

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Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) in Puerto Rico has come a long way since starting in 2008. The company back then, started doing shows in a small town called Comerío – in the mountains of the island – with a limited roster and poor arenas to wrestle. Now, in 2018, en route to the Anniversary X show, the promotion has expanded exponentially, having shows all over the northern part of the island, evolving in talent and now in the top spot in Puerto Rican wrestling. In this year only, CWA has run consistently after Hurricane Maria, putting more shows that World Wrestling Council and World Wrestling League, which are considered the top promotions right now. Their crowds are relatively strong, with 120 to 200 fans in their show, which is a success, considering the state of wrestling in the island right now.  The CWA Heavyweight Champion Star Roger is destroying championship reigns records in the island left to right.

Last Friday, the promotion held a press conference for the wrestling media and had some big announcements for the near future. Here are some of the big news from the press conference.

TV Deal with Tele Universo

Photo: Teleuniverso

The company announced that, in view of the high demand for a TV show, they would be broadcasting the weekly television show on Tele Universe (On Choice – 126, Liberty – 94 and Claro TV – 760) called “Acción Vibrante” show. They indicated that the program will be seen by the Dominican Republic and the United States.

CWA: Anniversary X Will Be in Dorado


The company announced that its Anniversary X show would be a unique one with unparalleled scenery, where there will be meeting with fans, merchandise and various products. The company will have the show where WWC has had its last shows, at the Ángel Músico Hernández de Dorado theater. CWA, who runs regularly in Dorado, explained that in the Maguayo neighborhood, they were having sold out show (150 fans) and needed a new establishment, so the theater would be perfect. The Anniversary X show will be on 5/26.

Carístico Will Be At Anniversary X

The company finally announced that “the board of directors” were in negotiations to sign a big international star for the Anniversary show in 5/26 in Dorado. David Estilo left the podium and a video on the “titantrón” of Sin Cara (original) from WWE appeared. The former Místico will be the biggest star to enter CWA since Jay Lethal as Ring of Honor champion. His opponent is still unnamed. Will Be Their New Website

David Estilo announced that apart from social media, they will now have a website. This will have exclusive content, result, tickets sales, merchandise and exclusive news stories.