#AndNEW: LJ Cleary Wins OTT Gender Neutral Championship

At OTT Contenders 7 today, Session Moth Martina had a match to defend her Gender Neutral championship against LJ Cleary and Fabulous Nicki.  There was an upset as LJ Cleary pinned Martina to capture gold for the first time in OTT, and just under a year since his debut at the very first Contenders show.  Cleary managed to surprise Martina and roll her up for the win.

Cleary, who has become a firm fan favourite thanks to his talents that are far beyond his years, was the crowd’s pick to win, as they were desperate to see one of the contenders pull off a historic upset.  Martina made sure he knew that she wanted him 1-on-1 for the title.

Martina was the perfect champion – she immediately made the Gender Neutral Championship prestigious and a prize worth fighting for.  Despite this, the fans went crazy for the title change because of how much it meant to the youngster, and what it represents for all of the contenders.  Unlike the NXT-WWE jump, OTT “contenders” (EDITOR’S NOTE: Somewhat like NJPW’s Young Lions), if good enough, they will be trusted to win gold and beat some of the companies biggest names.  Cleary has a big target on his back and will need to perform to prove that it was the correct decision to give him the title.

Whatever happens in Cleary’s reign, we know Martina will be back for revenge, and when she does everyone will want to see it.  And who knows, maybe she can take a page out of Naomi’s book and snatch LJ bald.