Preview: OTT Contenders 7 Supershow (3/18/18)

Contenders 7 was already a packed show featuring the fit members of CCK and the debut of the latest star to come from the Australian wrestling scene Jonah Rock.  The card only got more action-packed when OTT, unfortunately, had to cancel Outer Space Odyssey 4 meaning we get two matches that have been salvaged from the storm.

Match 1: Jonah Rock vs Terry Thatcher

Photo: OTT

Ever since making his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla debut at their annual super indie tournament Battle Of Los Angeles,  Rock has only gone from strength to strength.  A member of The Mighty Don’t Kneel, he has a build of a slightly taller Tomohiro Ishii and wrestles a great power based style.  He is also very agile and athletic.  He takes on Terry Thatcher, who is coming off his best performance ever against Eddie Stone.  He fought hard against the Mongrels member and pulled some surprising tricks out of his sleeve.  He completely won over the OTT fans, who will be behind him here against such a big challenge.

Predictions: Jonah Rock to win

Match 2: Travis Banks vs Scotty Davis

Photo: OTT

The Kiwi Buzzsaw takes on the Supreme Suplex Machine.  As we saw in his match against Zack Sabre Junior, Banks is no stranger to mat wrestling.  This will come in handy against Legit 100’s “shooter”.  Ever since debuting, Davis has proven time and time again that he is one of the country’s best grapplers.  This will be great preparation for his match against Mark Haskins at Martina’s Gaff Party.  PROGRESS World Champion vs one of Ireland’s best and if that doesn’t sell you on this match, I don’t know what will.  These two are primed to tear the house down and steal the show.

Predictions: Travis Banks to win

Match 3: Legit 100 (Michael May & Curtis Murray) vs More Than Hype ( Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin)

Photo: OTT

Two of the three Contenders factions clash here, there is a whole lot at stake in this match.  Striking the first blow in the inevitable war, ego, bragging rights and pride are all on the line.  As MTH are quick to remind everyone, Legit 100 were put together – this will put them at a disadvantage as May and Murray still need time to gel as a team.  Kearney and Martin will have no such issue.  The best friends were tag partners long before the formation of Legit 100.  Will this be enough for them to beat the man that beat Joe Coffey and the Aviator?  It’s hard to pick a winner here.  All I can say is that this will be another showcase of just how good these young men are.

Predictions: Legit 100 to win?

Match 4: Big Daddy Cool, B. Cool & I.M Cool vs Elektro, Angel Cruz & Rick W/Peter

Photo: OTT

One of the two matches that OTT salvage from the storm.  While there was disappointment over not seeing Martina vs Pete Dunne fans were absolutely distraught at the thought of not getting to see Elektro.  I already previewed this match for OSO4 and nothing has changed but the date.

Predictions: Big Daddy Cool, I.M Cool & B.Cool to win

Match 5: Gender Neutral Championship Match: Session Moth Martina (c) vs Chris Brookes vs LJ Cleary

Photo: OTT

Originally just Martina vs Cleary, the CCK squid was added to make it a Triple Threat.  Martina has been fantastic as OTT’s Gender Neutral Champion.  Her charisma and ability to work any style have proved intergender wrestling could be a staple in OTT.  Young LJ Cleary would pull off a massive coup if he were to win and become the first of the Contenders generation to claim gold.  He’s had great showings against some tough veterans like Dave Mastiff, Trent Seven and Kings Of The North.  He would not be a bad choice for champion, as he is more than good enough in the ring and his mic skills are almost unmatched by any contender.  Brookes is someone that is always a threat.  He has had a meteoric rise in the last two years and cemented himself as one of the most recognisable wrestlers in the UK.  He always delivers in the ring with his surprising agility for someone so tall, matched with his technical skills.  Martina is going to try her best to bring this title to Japan and that motivation could be the difference maker.

Predictions: Martina to win and retain

Match 6: Kings Of The North (Damian Corvin & Bonesaw) vs Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)

Photo: OTT

The second match that was salvaged from the storm.  There may be no Devlin or Haskins but we do have two fantastic tag teams.  The Kings are on the road to regaining their titles and what better way to get back on track than facing off with one of the hottest teams in the UK.  Aussie Open has been delivering great matches for months with their mix of high spots and power.  This is going to be a modern tag team classic with balls to the wall action. Some ridiculous power moves and “The Aussie Arrow” Kyle Fletcher is sure to flirt with death once or twice.  If you know anything about either of these teams, then this match has to excite you as much as it excites the OTT fans.  A fresh match, which is hard to come by in the tag scene these days, and one that is sure to delight.

Predictions: Kings Of The North to win