Taya Valkyrie: Lucha Royalty Has Returned To Impact

With Lucha Underground tapings underway, and a return to Impact Wrestling, as well as the WrestleCon show between the two promotions, Taya Valkyrie is everywhere these days. In addition to her wrestling schedule, she is also preparing for her wedding to Johnny Impact. “It’s been a crazy beginning of 2018, for sure.”

After her most recent appearance on IMPACT on Pop, it is clear that she’s come back for Rosemary. The Red Wedding match between Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary was something we missed out on at Bound For Glory. In some ways, that might not be the worst thing.

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“I just wanted to work with her for so long. When we finally faced each other it really was great. From Canadian to Canadian, we have such an understanding of each other. And you know when you really want something, and it’s so close, and then you can’t have it? It just makes that tension grow. So that’s why I think the intensity that you’re going to see from me and her over the next few weeks is going to be so much greater than it was in the fall. Because we just wanted to have that blowoff so bad.”

The longest reigning Reina de Reinas Champion, Valkyrie has become known as “lucha royalty” thanks to her time in AAA. But what does lucha libre mean for the queen of queens? “Lucha libre isn’t just a fancy arm drag or a pass by or all those types of things you think about when you think of a lucha style match. It’s the costumes, it’s the characters. The way the fans react to you.”

“All of my coaches in Mexico were lucha libre legends, like El ApacheSilver KingEl Hijo del Perro AguayoKonan, all these mentors that I’ve had, so I’m really excited that now lucha libre style has gained momentum and has become so popular and that people are really becoming more interested in it, because it really wasn’t like that five years ago. It’s just interesting and cool to see even the wrestlers on the indies take lucha libre influences and put them in their matches, and really think outside the norm.”

And thinking outside the norm is exactly we’ll get when we see the payoff to Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie. With two of the most distinctly unique entrances and characters in Impact, this should come as no surprise. Luckily, we will soon be getting the payoff we’ve all been waiting on for months.


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