Velveteen Dream “Indie Bashing” Tweet Could Lead to Ricochet

A couple weeks back, NXT Superstar The Velveteen Dream took to Twitter to trash WWE’s sudden influx of indie stars. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Dream stated:

If I can shoot for a minute…

I’m beyond irritated by the indy guys coming into NXT, taking up spots, living out their dreams, pretending to be actual talent. Or as WE put it “Superstars.”

I’m homegrown talent and I breed success on my own terms. Reactions prove it. Facts are facts.

If anyone under contract has issue with it “The Dream” is easy to find.


Shortly following the tweet on February 22, 2018, WWE’s official website posted an article on his grievances, stating Dream “took to social media to say how he really feels about the “indy guys” who, in his mind, detract from the real Superstars that are worthy of the spotlight.”

In retaliation to the article, Dream posted another tweet, that’s still up, saying that WWE tried to “cover it up” by writing an article on it. He went on to firmly stated his hatred for indie wrestling.

Lots of internet wrestling fans seemingly took offence to Dream’s thoughts on indie wrestling, but Dream is clearly speaking in character. Prior to signing with the WWE, Velveteen Dream was himself an emerging indie star, Patrick Clark, who started out with Maryland Championship Wrestling (MCW), as well as performed for CZW, the Samoan’s WXW, and New York Wrestling Connection (NYWC). In MCW, he was the tag team partner of current NXT star Lio Rush in Sudden Impact. With the WWE’s website pushing the story, chances are its leading to a feud with one of the brand’s recent signees, such as Donovan Dijak, EC3 or even his former tag partner, Lio Rush.

Photo: MCW

But internet rumblings are starting to pop up that Dream’s comments are being directed at – and will be answered by – indie superstar Ricochet, who made his NXT debut at the last set of tapings (and started his NXT Live Events tour at last week’s Canadian dates). The rumour is that it will lead to a match up between the two at NXT Takeover: New Orleans on WrestleMania weekend. At this point, it’s still a rumour, but one that has been growing in strength the past few days. Ricochet’s debut will air next week on NXT, the same day that NXT tapes it’s next round of tapings that will lead up to NXT Takeover: New Orleans.

Photo: WWE

What do you think? Is Velveteen Dream a good choice for Ricochet’s first proper feud in NXT?