Preview: OTT Outer Space Odyssey 4: Floating in a Most Peculiar Way (3/3/18)

After knocking it out of the park at OTT Homecoming,  OTT return to their new venue at Suir road with another loaded lineup.  The new venue has not seen the crowd lose any of the passion or enthusiasm they were known for at The Tivoli.  OTT Outer Space Odyssey 4 has a fantastic card that has a dream match, a surprise and the return of an Irish wrestling legend.

Photo: OTT

Match 1: Adam Brooks vs Scotty Davis

Photo: OTT

After losing to Mark Haskins at Homecoming, Brooks got a measure of revenge with a low blow.  The crowd wasn’t happy with his cowardice and he will walk in here with heat.  He faces Legit 100’s Scotty Davis.  In his previous main show appearances, Davis showed that he can hang with the best of them.  The plucky shooter dubbed the “Supreme Suplex Machine” has a variety of ways to ground his opponents and do damage.  The experienced Aussie will have the experience edge but don’t count Davis out.

Predictions: Adam Brooks to win

Match 2: David Starr vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Photo: OTT

ZSJ made his intentions clear at Homecoming – he wants Devlin, he wants the OTT World Championship.  He will need to continue getting wins and building momentum against a returning David Starr.  The Product and Man of Too Many Nicknames To Count is a victim of Devlin’s import killer run.  Starr fought Devlin at WrasslePOPS in a losing effort.  The match was an enjoyable technical bout which will mirror this one.  Starr, known more for his charisma, is one of the more underrated technical workers in the world.  He will need to be at his best against the Technical Wizard, Zack Sabre Jr.  In his match against Travis Banks, ZSJ wowed the crowd by tying Banks in knots and he will be more than happy to inflict the same fate upon Starr.

Predictions: Zack Sabre Junior to win

Match 3: Big Daddy Cool, I.M Cool & B.Cool vs Angel Cruz, Peter or Rick & Elektro

Photo: OTT

The Angel Cruzers split continues.  B.Cool and brother I.M Cool, who looks an awful lot like Joe Coffey, team with their dad.  This will be a surprise as the OTT crowd has never met Big Daddy Cool.  Unless it’s Dave Mastiff because well he’s everyone’s da.  On the other side, we see the return of one of the greats.  A man in the pantheon of Jumping Jake O’Brien as a cornerstone of OTT.  We have the return of Elektro.  He teams with a broken and once again scorned Angel Cruz.  The animosity between the two teams is sure to be at a high.  The falling out between the Angel Cruzers has been heartbreaking for both men and the OTT audience.  Whether this is the finale and we see one man leave the other behind or this just takes the feud to another level will be interesting to see pan out.

Predictions: Big Daddy Cool, I.M Cool & B.Cool to win

Match 4: Polo Promotions (Mark Coffey & Jackie Polo) vs The Rapture (Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling)

Photo: OTT

After picking up a win against Club Tropicana at the latest Contenders in one of the funniest matches of all time, we will more than likely see a more serious side to Polo Promotions here.  The crowd will be fully behind them as they take on The Rapture.  The hated scum known as The Rapture captured the tag team titles from the Kings Of The North at Homecoming in a moment that shocked the OTT crowd into silence.  Having seen the KOTN reign over the division for so long, the crowd was gobsmacked at the defeat.  Much like the infamous match where Bruno Sammartino’s 8-year reign ended, you could hear a pin drop in the arena.  If anything the crowd will only hate The Rapture more now as they have the gold to back up their trash talk.  The crowd will be out for blood and Polo Promotions will be more than happy to oblige.

Predictions: Zack Gibson & Charlie Sterling to win

Match 5: Pete Dunne vs Session Moth Martina

Photo: OTT

Bruiserweight vs Boozerweight – the definition of a dream match featuring two of the biggest names to ever come out of OTT (Yes, Pete is ours!).  Ever since winning the Gender Neutral title, Martina has gone from strength to strength.  Proving she’s as tough as any man and finding success outside OTT (she recently won the ICW women’s title and is set to tour Stardom) she faces arguably her biggest challenge ever in WWE UK champion Pete Dunne.  Dunne is a former NLW Champion in OTT and has proven to be one of wrestling’s hardest hitters.  The crowd will be insanely hot for these two and both deliver every time they step in an OTT ring.  Words cannot describe how excited OTT fans are for this match and who could blame them.

Predictions: Pete Dunne to win

Match 6: Jordan Devlin & Kings Of The North (Damian Corvin & Bonesaw) vs Mark Haskins & Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)

Photo: OTT

Massive 6-man main event.  The Irish Elite join forces for the first time to take on a dream team.  Aussie Open impressed in their match against Devlin and Scotty Davis and the fans will welcome them back with open arms.  The interactions between the KOTN and the Aussies alone will be unbelievable – add in Jordan Devlin and Haskins and you have the potential for one of the best matches in OTT history.  The Kings are on the road to regaining their titles and what better way to get back on track than facing off with one of the hottest teams in the UK.  Aussie Open has been delivering great matches for months with their mix of high spots and power.  As well as that, we have the renewal of the Devlin vs Haskins rivalry from Being The Elite.  Haskins hasn’t forgotten that Devlin took his title from him and never shies away from a fight.  Devlin just wants to keep up his Import Killer ways and take down another batch of imports.  As hyped as the OTT fans are about Martina vs Devlin, this is the match that will leave a lasting impression.  Expect insanity, expect greatness.  This one will be great.

OTT continues to be one of the best companies out there.  Another great card with interesting match ups and great potential.  The current weather issues in Ireland leave some of the card in doubt.  But OTT has never let it’s fans down and even if every import on the card pulls out they have more than enough talent to put on a great show.