Bullet Club “Civil War” Takes Another Turn As Tama Tonga Speaks Out (VIDEO)

It’s been an interesting development for the past six months or so, as the Bullet Club has slowly been unravelling from the inside out. The turmoil between Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes has been bubbling for months until it recently came to a head, leading to Omega’s seeming removal from leadership and the upcoming Cody vs Kenny match at ROH Supercard of Honor this April. And while the very public meltdowns seem to happen from the Elite side of the things, it all hasn’t gone unnoticed by Bullet Club OG, the main chapter in Japan that features Bad Luck Fale, Guerrillas of DestinyYujiro Takahashi and others – in fact, they’re getting downright livid at the antics of their supposed stablemates.

Photo: NJPW

But while in the past they’ve resorted more to subtle tweets of disapproval or disdain for some of the Being The Elite casts actions, the current fight over “leadership” between Kenny and Cody seems to have become a breaking point, at least for G.o.D’s Tama Tonga, one of the last remaining original founding members, alongside “The Underboss” Bad Luck Fale. Following their 6-man title defence on January 27, 2018 at The New Beginning in Sapporothe three men spoke following their match, and Tama got direct and personal towards the situation involving the two men seemingly at the top (Tama Tonga’s rant begins at about the 0:42 mark)

Tonga and Fale have long been growing tired of the flamboyance of the Elite crew in regards to what it means to being Bullet Club. One look at Tonga or Fale’s Twitter accounts and you’ll find they retweet WWE-centric tweets from former Bullet Club originals like Finn Balor (original leader, Prince Devitt), Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, or AJ Styles, than they do anything from Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks or Cody Rhodes. The Bullet Club OG (as they’ve begun to refer to themselves) definitely seem to think that the mainstream popularity of Bullet Club has had a negative impact on what Bullet Club was originally created for and about – which was taking things that they deserved.

Tama Tonga is known for his “pipe bombs” in Japan and his blunt honesty, something that has helped his villainous persona in NJPW.