Details Emerge On Detail Between Impact Wrestling And Twitch

With photos emerging of the new ring apron, as well as last week’s media teleconference, it was clear a deal had been reached between Impact Wrestling and Twitch. Earlier today, Impact released more information about the deal.

On Wednesday, January 17th, will be airing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week programming. It appears the first theme for content will center around oVe‘s feud with LAX. That’s because the company also announced that Barbed Wire Massacre III has been moved to streaming website. The match is now being advertised as “too violent for TV.” Immediately following Thursday’s episode of IMPACT! on Pop, fans will be able to watch the match on the streaming site. With plenty of exclusive content announced, Impact Wrestling and Twitch seem to have gone all in on the new format.

Following in the footsteps of other promotions like WrestleCircus and House of Hardcore, Twitch is becoming a bigger and bigger source for professional wrestling related content. While the other promotions have been using the site as a means to air live events, Impact is going one step further. In addition to live house shows and live events, Impact will also be airing more lifestyle-oriented content. From seeing how the wrestlers interact with one another outside of the ring to their workout and diet regimens, fans will get to view the industry in a way that no other site is providing. Impact president Ed Nordholm has stated that the pairing between Impact Wrestling and Twitch is a “perfect fit.” Citing an increased desire for content from the fan base, this will give Impact a new means to interact with fans.

In addition to the previously mentioned content, subscribers will also see content from the promotion’s extensive back catalog. Legends like StingKurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair have all spent time with the promotion. Current WWE stars AJ StylesSamoa Joe, and Bobby Roode were building blocks and cornerstones of the promotion. For those looking for a more “on-demand” type access to the content, there is still the Global Wrestling Network. But for those looking for something a bit more casual, this new site seems perfect.

Impact also announced some scheduled content. Monday nights will feature the Live Audio Wrestling podcast. With Jeremy Borash hosting, fans will get the latest news from around the world of professional wrestling. In addition to news, there will also be interviews, contests, and call-in segments. Wednesdays will feature Tyrus hosting a show titled Nuff Said. The Fox News star will give his takes on wrestling, politics, and everything in between. To go along with IMPACT! on Pop, there will be a broadcast every Thursday at 8PM. In what is being referred to as a “second screen perspective,” Josh Matthews will host the Matthews’ Megacast.

Photo: LAW Radio

In addition to the above mentioned content, expect to see episodes of IMPACT!, Xplosion, and pay-per-view events. Impact also plans to air WrestleCon live from New Orleans on April 6th. What else will the deal between Impact Wrestling and Twitch bring? Tune into the channel to find out.