IPW:UK Founder Daniel Edler Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Minor

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Daniel Edler, who founded International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (IPW:UK) in 2004 and built it into one of the UK scene’s top promotions until selling it last summer, has been accused of sexual misconduct by an underage wrestling fan, who goes by Ryanne on Twitter. She also works with the team at BritWres Review. It began with a series of Tweets directed at Edler’s new promotions, Spotlight Wrestling, which he recently founded, that included a training school, from earlier this morning.

With Daniel Edler’s known ties to such a wrestling institution as IPW:UK, Ryanne was quick to jump to their defence as they no longer had connections to their founder. In fact, they’d recently rebranded as simply “IPW” in new graphics.

Photo: IPW

Finally, after being somewhat vague (although relatively easy to pick up on) about the situation involving Daniel Edler, Ryanne released a stream of DMs showing him initiating conversation, offering her money for things, and most damning, alleging to a past sexual encounter with her (and her implying to him that she felt forced to do it). Several times, Edler asks her to delete their chat from her phone as it could get him in trouble.

Edler (right) with Matt Riddle at an IPW:UK show, 2014 (Photo: wrestlelist.com)

The full thread is in this Twitter feed directly below:

As the news began to go viral on Twitter, it didn’t take long for most of the wrestlers on the upcoming Spotlight cards to immediately side with Ryanne and denounce Spotlight, ending any alliance or association with Edler or Spotlight. It’s assumed the ones that haven’t pulled out yet have yet to get online since the news broke.