The Caribbean Report: CWA Wins Big, Mr. 450 and more

CWA wins big in latest Caribbean report

CWA finishes strong in 2017

Photo: CWA

In what maybe Championship Wrestling Association’s best year so far, they finish 2017 with a great show – Christmas Showdown – in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

The promotion had announced that Mighty Ursus challenging Star Roger for the CWA Championship 2 weeks ago, and al thought the match itself didn’t delivered like other Roger matches, the scene itself in Dorado was something else. CWA had a full house of 200 people, with all their angles having a conclusion and breaking new angles for the new year. Maybe the most surprising of the most, is the surprise appearance of the World Wrestling Council World Tag Team Campions, La Revolución, and World Wrestling League talent and who had a breakout 2017, Mike Mendoza.

The Revolution – or La Revolución in Spanish – attacked the newly crowned CWA Tag champs, Niche & Lynx. With their manager Orlando Toledo, La Revolución made it clear that they were going after the CWA Tag tittles. As for Mendoza, he made the safe when the heel locker room were attacking Star Roger and Justin Dynamite. He then proceeded to hit Roger with a Go-2-Sleep to cap the night off.

Other great moments were Justin Dynamite retaining his Puerto Rican Championship against Neo, and, in the process, becoming also, simultaneously with Roger, a one-year champion. That’s the first time by a major promotion in Puerto Rico to have 2 one-year champions at the same time. Also, Cuervo beat Leinord White in his return to CWA, which puts him in contention for one of the 2 main titles in CWA.

CWA’s next show will be in 1/6 in Dorado. For those of you who are unaware of some Latin American traditions, that day specifically is a holy day, called “Día de Reyes”, which translate to Three Kings Day. The event was named “Guerra de Reyes”, which is weird, because for 3 years ago, when WWL was at its peak, that was their big name for their Three Kings Day show.

What’s next for Roger?

Photo: Star Roger

With Christmas Showdown behind us, one must think, what’s next in the historic reign of Star Roger? The Dorado show left us with some clues of what CWA is planning for Roger’s reign.

The first big thing that was noticeable is the hype that Mike Mendoza created when he crossed the CWA line and attacked Star Roger. Everybody in social media is hyping up a match between the best 2 talents in Puerto Rico – putting Mecha Wolf 450 aside. The match would have a huge following if CWA continues to pursue it, and with WWL returning in the spring, this is the best time to do it. Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling’s clips from their Anniversary show, when Roger defended the championship against Mike Mendoza and former Impact Wrestling talents, DJ Z and Robbie E, showed an insane pace between Roger and Mendoza, which had a wild finish, with Mendoza looking for his GTS, but Roger inverting it into a Canadian Destroyer for the win. A match between both in the island can change the landscape of Puerto Rican wrestling, which was concentrating on pure old fashion style of matches and with guys like Mecha Wolf, Roger, Mendoza and Navarro, is shifting into more strong style base matches.

Photo: Star Roger

The other way that CWA also wants to go, is to have their young lion and probably their best prospect, Justin Dynamite, challenge for the CWA Championship. The tension between him (Justin) and Roger started also in Christmas Showdown. Remember when I told you that even though Roger was their ace champion, Justin Dynamite had the best reactions?  That same sequence happened in Dorado, with Justin being the obvious favorite. Just yesterday, CWA had a fan voting in which was CWA’s best wrestler in 2017, and Justin Dynamite ended up winning. It seems clear for the promotion that Justin is the way and for that to happen, Roger might have to turn heel. CWA is looking to crowned Justin in the summer, since they still want to dethroned Carlos Colon reign in 1994 with 400+ plus days as WWC Universal Champion.

NGCW with big names in Kissimmee

As I noted in last’s edition in the report, New Generation Championship Wrestling is doing a comeback in 2018. They are having the show again on 2/24 in the Fire Frogs Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida.

Photo: NGCW

They already confirmed 3 matches for the show, with their main event being former WWE Superstar and Puerto Rican wrestler, Carlito vs.  2-times WWE Champion, Alberto el Patrón, for the inaugural NGCW Championship. They are also having a Six Man match involving Impact Wrestling’s top star with Impact Wrestling Global Champion, Eli Drake, Chris Adonis & former TNA World Champion, EC3 against the trio of former WWC Universal Champions of Chicano, Apolo and Alofa. Finally, there’s going to be a triple threat with Mecha Wolf 450, Laredo Kid and Zumbi.

They have yet to confirm matches, but they announced names like Johnny Mundo, Mil Muertes, Billy Gunn, among others. Again, if this is NGCW’s idea of a successful event, after what happened last summer, they must reconsider. Even though those are big names, that comes with a high price tag, plus, a need to fill more than just 500 people in a stadium. They did this show because of the threat that Florida Wrestling Revolution brought, but didn’t learned from their past event and they seemed headed to the same bad economic decisions.

Mecha Wolf 450’s 2017

It was a roller coaster year for the best Puerto Rican wrestler in the world. Former Mr.450 is closing 2017 primarily in Mexico, for The Crash promotion and with his new stable La Rebelión Amarilla. Now, what awaits in 2018 for the “Last of its Kind”?

The year started with him being on the sidelines, with a knee injury that destroyed his WWE dreams. Then WWC decided that they weren’t going with him as his top guy, and to top it all off, a domestic scandal struck his career just when he was starting to recapture the steam that he had lost. It all seemed downhill for him, bookings that he wanted in the United Kingdom weren’t happening, WWC didn’t treat him as before and even his former best friend and WWE 205 talent Mustafa Ali, turn his back against him.

Mecha Wolf’s new stable, la Rebelión Amarilla (Photo: The Crash)

But… summer came, and new opportunities were found. WWL in need of a new face that can take them from number 2 promotion in the island to number 1 took the opportunity and added the now Mecha Wolf 450 to their talent pool. His international presentations increased too, as he became a regular for The Crash. He drew the best houses in Puerto Rico and now is part of the new Aro Lucha project. Also, his domestic violence allegations were dropped, and al thought I’m aware that people’s perception haven’t change about him, it’s clear that he is having the best moment right now scandal-free. With his rivalry with Willie Mack heating up right now, it seems that 2018 will be a great year for Wolfie.

Other news from the Caribbean

Photo: Contralona

– Female wrestler Roxxy, who is consider the number 3 female wrestler in the island – number one is La Rosa Negra and number 2 is Zeuxis, also number 3 is debatable with Vanilla Vargas – is getting her first international exposure with NGCW’s show on 2/24. It’s still uncertain, but, it seems that she will be wrestling WWE Mae Young Classic participant and former SHINE Champion, Santana Garrett.

Aro Lucha debuted in Tennessee in front of 1,000 fans and so did Mecha Wolf 450 and Vanilla Vargas. The latter one didn’t have a stellar debut, as she was pinned by Lacey Lane in a lackluster contest. For 450 however, his match against The Crash rival, Willie Mack, was pretty good and got the crowd going. As for when is the next Aro Lucha show, it’s been said to be on 1/20, but there’s conflict with its talent, because The Crash is running a big show that same day with 450, Mack, Penta 0M, Garza Jr. and Fénix, so maybe they will push back the date to 1/19/.

Campeonato Nacional de Lucha in Chile uploaded their “Juicio Final” show on their Facebook page and in YouTube. Also, they are running their summer tour – right now is hot out there, so in February is usually their summer season – whit shows on 2/1 in Temuco, 2/2 in Valvida, 2/3 in Puerto de Varas and on 2/4 in Coquimbo.

– About my statement early that Mecha Wolf 450 is one of the wrestler who is changing the landscape of Puerto Rican wrestling to a more modern approach with more Strong Style in matches. Here’s the match that started that revolution, is Mr. 450 – at that moment – against WWE Superstar and Puerto Rican native, Lince Dorado. The match took place in Ponce for 100% Lucha, which was a promotion that had a similar concept to Pro Wrestling Guerilla. It was voted match of the year in 2016, ending in a tie with Jay Lethal vs. Star Roger for the CWA Championship. Enjoy…

– You can watch for free on the Fite App the CKCW “The Kingdom” show. It has J-Rocc vs. Ring of Honor star, Shane Taylor for the CKCW Heavyweight Championship and former WWL Champion Hiram Tua in action.