The Mustafa Ali and Mecha Wolf 450 Controversy: What Happened?

As you may know by now, WWE Superstar and 205 Live/Cruiserweight wrestler Mustafa Ali went off against former WWC Universal Champion Mecha Wolf 450 (previously known as Mr.450).

This all started after Mustafa tweeted about doing a move now that he previously had done 9 years ago. He then said, “because someone I think very low of stole it”. Fans started asking Ali to spill the beans and tell everybody who is the guy who had stolen his move or that he thinks very low of.

It wasn’t long before indie talent Mr.450 responded by saying “Coward” to Mustafa Ali.

The thread then was Ali going off against 450. He talked about Mecha Wolf’s alleged “domestic violence”, the time that he destroyed his knee while wrestling in 205 Live against Ali and then tried to get WWE to pay it, and supposedly being a “backstabber” to his friends”.

What’s the History?

Mustafa Ali and Mecha Wolf 450 go back way back, but not as enemies. Instead, Ali and 450 where very close in the Chicago territory, them being influential part of the wrestling scene of that city.

Danny Nieves, who in a promoter in Chicago, especially with NWA Chicago and NWA Midwest said, “I was surprised about the comments of Ali towards 450. Both were very close when I was running shows in the Midwest, especially Chicago. Also, at one point, they were my main event in a show”.

NWA Mid-West with Mr. 450 Hammet (Mecha Wolf) vs. Prince Mustafa Ali (Mustafa Ali) in the main event.

Back when Mecha Wolf 450 was known as Mr. 450 Hammet, he was still wrestling for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. In the late 2000s, John Yurnet (450’s real name) decided that in Puerto Rico he was stuck in a vicious cycle and needed a new start in another part of the world. He got to Chicago practically broke and started working in the Chicago territory, for companies like NWA Chicago, IWA Mid-West, IWC, among others.

In the words of Nieves, “He (450), Ali, Zema Ion (GFW’s DJZ), Ivelisse and Samurai del Sol (WWE’s Kalisto) were a close group in those times. They wrestled each other many times and never showed signs of displeasure”.  It was in WWE, where both men got a call, Ali as a participant of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and John Yurnet as a backup if an injury were to happen. Later that year, it was in WWE 205 that both friends wrestle each other.

What move does Ali is alleging? 

The move that Mustafa Ali claimed to be stolen by 450 is a back drop into a back kick while the opponent is going down. Ali tweeted a video of him wrestling with Mecha Wolf and Samurai del Sol (Kalisto) in a IWA Mid-South doing the move describe. The WWE star called 450’s move as “Lying Lumbar Kick”. Twitter users described Ali’s allegations as “whiny” – him complaining about a move that he stopped using 9 years ago – while Mecha Wolf 450 has used it all this years.

The 205-injury indecent

While Mustafa’s allegation of move-theft is a little off, him pointing out Mecha Wolf’s injury in 205 Live and then wanting the WWE to pay for part of the treatment aren’t too far off from the truth. Mecha Wolf had a nagging knee coming on WWE’s Tuesday show. Many people told him to get his knee check or to get treatment for it. One source confirmed me this comment saying, “We were concerned about his health, he didn’t want to stop and get his knee check and continue to put pressure on the knee with a heavy indie schedule”.

Photo: WWE

The unchecked knee came back and bit John Yurnet on 205 Live, when him and Mustafa Ali wrestled each other, with Yurnet basically having a serious knee injury in the process. John would have to open a GoFundMe account to pays his medical expenses and be out of the ring for at least 3 months.

Initially WWE was reluctant to pay for his expenses because the injury was dragged on by him for weeks before going to 205 Live, but then, the company agreed to help him with his therapy for his injury.

The other claims by Ali

Fans chimed in about John’s domestic dispute in April in WrestleMania Weekend – if you remembered, on that weekend, there was a dispute between John Yurnet and then girlfriend. The dispute started when John entered the home that both where living and told her to leave because he wanted to get his dog out. The first reports said that John strangled his girlfriend and even was accused of ripping one of her mirrors of the car.  There was an investigation, but nothing came to conclusions, because of the insufficient evidence and the story being changed by the victim. Even though 450’s name was cleaned, it still something that follows him and even that being one of the reasons for John changing his name from Mr. 450 to Mecha Wolf 450.

What is this all about?

Talking to people close to the situation, they are a little bit clueless about it. Many think that this is a work, that it is probably a way to promote Mecha Wolf through a wrestler that is on national television and has good recognition. Like people on Twitter, some point out that that you should have done a very bad thing to Ali so that him be mad about it. Mustafa is a kind person in the locker room and even people were surprise by his distaste on Mecha Wolf.

Photo: Mecha Wolf 450

Something that people may not know, is that Mecha Wolf recently turn heel in Puerto Rico. John did a heel turn at the last World Wrestling League show and many didn’t feel or responded to the turn. The “Last of His Kind” is too well liked and a hero on the island, so his heel turn has been difficult. Many have pointed out that the turn is to help his heel persona, because Ali and John were very close in the indie scene.

Photo: WWE

The true is uncertain, while both were very close, we have seen in times that wrestlers will screw each other to get to a point or climb the ladder in wrestling. As Ali has pointed out, that may be the reason to go after John Yurnet. Time will tell what went bad with them in this past year.

Photo: WWE