BREAKING: Vince Russo Joins Aro Lucha As Consultant

Aro Lucha, the new lucha libre promotion based out of the Southern US run by Aroluxe Media (the company that nearly acquired Impact Wrestling late last year), has hired former WWE, WCW, and Impact creative director Vince Russo as a script consultant, beginning with their first TV taping on December 10. Aro Lucha’s creative director Konnan, who recently was relieved of similar duties with The Crash Lucha in Mexico, announced the hiring on Twitter moments ago.

Earlier in the day, Vince Russo announced a big scoop was coming regarding “yours truly” but stated he wanted to be “respectful to those who will be making the announcement.” It appears that announcement is here and he’ll be divulging more info soon.

Photo: WWE

Vince Russo worked with the WWF from 1992 to 1999, working his way up from WWF Magazine writer to head of creative during the Attitude Era. He abruptly left WWF for rivals WCW in 1999. When WWE bought WCW in 2001, Time Warner bought out the remainder of Russo’s contract. He was briefly brought back as a secret consultant to the WWE in 2002, but was let go and worked with TNA off-and-on from 2002 to 2014.

The Harris Brothers (two on far left) as part of DOA in the WWF (Photo: WWE)

Aro Lucha, produced by Don and Ron Harris (twin wrestlers who worked in WWF as part of DOA as Skull and 8-Ball, as well as in WCW as Creative Control), is holding its first tapings on December 10 in Nashville, Tennessee and it’s already a stacked roster, with the following matches already announced:

  • Rey Mysterio & Penta Zero M vs Rush & John Hennigan (John Morrison/Johnny Mundo)
  • Jack Edwards & Hurricane Helms & Maximo vs Garza Jr & La Mascara & Daga
  • MVP vs Sammy Guevara
  • Keyra & Lacey Lane vs Vanilla Vargas & Taya
  • Demus vs Mascarita Dorada
  • Willie McClinton vs Mr. 450