The Caribbean Report: Invader I, Arolucha and more

Invader I Returns to United States with FWR

Photo: FWR

In what came as a shock for many wrestling fans, especially those living in North America, Invader I – aka Jose Gonzalez – will be appearing in the Florida Wrestling Revolution show on 2/10.

Photo: WWE Network

Jose Gonzalez is arguably one of the most controversial names in Wrestling’s history. He was one of the top talents of the golden age of Puerto Rican Wrestling – with Carlos Colon’s Capitol Sports Promotion – and the head booker at that time. He is also responsible for the vicious murder of Bruiser Brody in a locker room in Bayamon in 1988. The crime was notorious, as the trial ruled that Gonzalez acted on self-defense. The murder and the trial were a decisive factor for the degradation of Puerto Rican wrestling. To add more insulting injury, Jose Gonzalez was still loved by Puerto Rican fans, stayed on top of the World Wrestling Council (WWC) and even came back to be the head booker.

Bruiser Brody vs. Invader I in WWC, 1986

Now, 29 years later, we find out about a promoter – who has a promising platform for young hungry wrestler from the Caribbean and Latin American – that finds acceptable to book a man (Invader I) that not only is black listed from Japan and places in the United States, but that did so much damage for the Puerto Rican wrestling scene that is in a down time right now. Invader I will be refereeing for a match between Bronco I – a big Dominican star from back in the day and arguably one of the best talkers in Puerto Rican wrestling history –  and Fidel Sierra (The Cuban Assassin).

If that wasn’t enough, do you know who is getting honored that night in FWR? Non-other than “Dirty” Dutch Mantel, the guy who has been very vocal about Jose Gonzalez’s crime and one of the wrestlers who couldn’t testify in the trial because his subpoena arrived after it had ended. Also, gets who is in the main event? Savio Vega and Miguel Perez Jr., the latter one is already not wrestling for the FWR show and is going to be substitute by Carlito “Caribbean Cool”. Savio is the most interesting one, this year, he sat down with Jim Cornette in Kayfabe Commentary’s Back to the Territories, were he gave a detailed version of the crime that happened that summer of 1988 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

Aro Lucha Signs Mecha Wolf 450 and Vanilla Vargas

Photo: Aro Lucha

A new project – Aro Lucha is making its way in the North American wrestling market – specifically in Tennessee – and involves former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio, former Lucha Underground talents like Pentagón Jr. & Willie Mack and talents from the Caribbean like 2-time WWC Universal Champion Mecha Wolf 450 & World Wrestling League’s Vanilla Vargas. The Aroluxe project will be written primarily by Konnan and it will have a same approach as Lucha Underground, but more “family friendly”.

Mecha Wolf 450

The taping will start in Nashville, TN on December 10 and it will feature matches like Rey Mysterio Jr. & Pentagón vs. Rush & John Morrison, Jack Evans, Hurricane Helms & Maximo vs. Garza Jr., La Mascara & Daga, MVP vs Sammy Guevara, among others. Mecha Wolf 450 – who recently joined Garza Jr. in The Crash for his La Rebelión faction – will be going against his bitter rival in The Crash Lucha Libre, Willie Mack. Vanilla Vargas, who is arguably the best female prospect coming from Puerto Rico will be in a tag match alongside former rival Taya against Keira and Lacey Lane. This will be the first time for Vanilla has been on a North American TV show, while for Mecha Wolf – formerly known as Mr.450 – is his first big break, as his opportunities in WWE, NXT and TNA weren’t that good.

Vanilla Vargas

CWA Makes A Comeback

Photo: CWA

Championship Wrestling Association became the first promotion to run a wrestling show after hurricane Maria. The event held at Toa Alta on 11/25 was headlined by Starr Roger successfully defending his CWA Championship against Balrog. The promotion had to start early on Saturday due to the weak electrical power that Puerto Rico is suffering. Justin Dynamite was able successfully defend his Puerto Rican Championship against Bane. With Roger’s and Justin’s defense championships and the return of the show Christmas Showdown show, both talents will complete a one-year reign with their respective titles. This is something that has never happened in Puerto Rico, not even in the days of the old CSP (now WWC).

Photo: Contralona

For Roger, his won the title by beating Jay Lethal last year. Al though CWA is the 3rd best promotion, he was able to put them with his reign and performance in contention for the 2nd place of best wrestling promotion in Puerto Rico. In his reign, he was able to defend his championship outside of Puerto Rico – against AAW Heritage Champion Zema Ion, Robbie E & Mike Mendoza – while at the same time win championships in Panamá and México.

CKCW To Air First iPPV Event 

Remember all the buzz that Eric Bischoff created for Cleveland Knights Championship Wrestling? Well… things are going to get more interesting.

Photo: CKCW

CKCW, who is a second home for Puerto Rican talent and had its best show since they opened just last month, will be broadcasting their New World Rising event on iPPV. The event is being heavily promoted since rumors of “Eric Bischoff’s part-ownership” came to light and a confusion in twitter led people to believe that the company was really going to have a new influx of money by the former WCW & WWE legend. Even though that’s not the case, the company will be having an interesting show. CKCW will be mixing Eric’s controversial personal with notable indie workers and Puerto Rican talent – CKCW regulars. At this moment, names that are confirmed for the show are: J-Rocc (CKCW Heavyweight Champion), Vanilla Vargas (CKCW Women Champion), Warlord, Impact talent Kongo Kong, The Barbarian, Tracey Smothers and Eric Bischoff.

Other News from the Caribbean

Photo: CNL

Campeonato Nacional de Lucha had another sellout show in Chile. The show named Juicio Final (Judgement Day) featured Rocket winning the CNL Championship in a steel cage match against Boris Muller.

– La Rosa Negra, who is former Stardom High Speed Champion and has participated in various indie promotions in the United States (particularly SHINE) and in WWC Puerto Rico, was officially signed to Chigusa Nagayo’s – who was part of the famous 80s tag team Crush Gals and a 2-time All Japan Women’s Champion – Marvelous Dojo/Promotion in Japan.

El Chicano

– Former IWA World Champion and Universal Champion (WWC), Chicano, has been added to the FWR show. He is wrestling in a triple treat match that involves Rico Suave – former WWF wrestler Jose Estrada Jr. – and former NWA World Champion, “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas.

–  Roxxy who is the 2nd best women prospect from Puerto Rico, came back to the square circle after a legitimate injury that she suffered in that last WWL show this year.  She wrestled in a mix six-man tag in an indie group show in Cataño, Puerto Rico.