Match Point: Austin Aries vs Pete Dunne

Welcome to a new regular column here at Last Word on Pro Wrestling, called Match Point. Quite simply, this will be a one-match preview of an upcoming indie promotion – or major if the situation warrants – booking. It can be an intriguing match-up, a dream pairing, a recipe for disaster (good or bad), something distinct. It may introduce you to new promotions you may not be aware of, or new wrestlers you didn’t even realize you loved.

Destiny World Wrestling, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada (outside Toronto), Sunday, January 21, 2018

This is an intriguing first time match-up featuring two wrestlers that are very similar in character. Both are cocky, brash, trash talkers who can back it up in the ring, whether it’s high flying, technical standoffs, or all out bruisers. A pioneer of the North American indie style meeting the future of British Wrestling is a dream match by nearly any indie fans standards.

Photo: WWE

Austin Aries has only just recently returned to the world of professional wrestling, following his 90-day no-compete clause following his release from the WWE. He returned just last week, competing on the last two House of Hardcore events. Aries is “indie hungry” right now – he’s been unshackled from the restraints of the WWE Universe and has returned to an indie scene for the first time outside of ROH in years. He’s spent most of the last decade with either Impact or WWE. He’s energized by the indie revolution and there’s a cavalcade of wrestlers from this generation of indie that would love the chance to face off against a man that many were probably inspired by. He can talk the talk and when the bell rings, he can walk the walk. It’s a shame WWE couldn’t find anything for him, but for indie dream match fans, it’s a blessing.

Photo: WWE

Facing off against “The Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne is a dream match on many occasions. Dunne will most likely be WWE exclusive by the end of spring next year, and with good rights. The man is going to be a Superstar. Much bigger than Wade Barrett or Neville would be. So the chances of seeing Dunne face Aries is pretty much a “now or never” situation. And what better time. Dunne is firing on all cylinders, and Aries is out to prove that he can still run with the pack (and he will). Dunne’s character, a snidely hooligan with a Napoleon complex layered with swagger, is like the Peaky Blinders‘ version of Austin Aries persona, and both are amazingly talented performers. Dunne is also the reigning Destiny Champion, making this a huge title match to boot.

While Aries is hot to get back in the indies, it’s unlikely he’ll take the title from Dunne (yet), but Aries isn’t dipping his toes back into the indie scene, he’s cannonballing it.

If you live in the Toronto area, check out their website for more info.

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