Puerto Rico’s Top Prospects (Part 2): Bellito

Welcome Back! We continue to highlight the most exiting prospects in the wrestling scene of Puerto Rico. In this article we go with the ace of Championship Wrestling School, Bellito.

Photo: CWS

From actor to wrestler, that’s a weird turn of events for the wrestler known as Bellito. Coming from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carlos Calderón – Bellito’s real name – has some of the best qualities to become a presence in the island and maybe in the international scene.

Puerto Rico’s Top Prospects (Part 2): Bellito

As Championship Wrestling School – a Puerto Rican wrestling promotion for up & coming talent – became more popular and landed a deal with Wapa 2 – Puerto Rico’s premiere channel for sport –, it became apparent that part of that rise from the underground trough almost every home in the island was in part due to the growth and ability of Bellito.

Photo: Bellito’s Facebook

The man that started in a very successful film out of Puerto Rico, Por amor en el Caserio, He dreamed of becoming a stable in the Puerto Rican wrestling scene. The man stumble in a lot of clichés from the get-go when he entered CWS. Lacking in creativity – he used to have similar face paint to Finn Balor’s Demon gimmick – Bellito was criticize in his babyface days with the company and even in his role as a “backstage reporter” for the World Wrestling League.

It seemed that the former actor was rushed into the spot light without preparation, but in the summer of 2017, something changed, suddenly… the lack of charisma and originality from Bellito would disappear slowly.

Photo: Bellito’s Facebook

CWS had their famous debut in the historic Pepin Cestero in Bayamon. Bellito was the semi-main event against Puerto Rican veteran and former IWA and WWL World Champion Hiram Tua for the CWS Heavyweight Championship – at that moment Tua held the title. Bellito came out that night with a new glare, with a fresh spirit. Changing his attire, he showed he was without a doubt the most athletic wrestler in the whole island. His move seemed to matter more, his arsenal changed a lot and even his attitude towards the fan, the man seemed to now be getting it.

That night, Bellito became a 2-time CWS Champion, but this time, he was ready. Later that night, he would turn “heel” and become part of a stable that it’s on a crusade against veterans in the island. Commanded by the youngest Universal Champion in WWC’s history BJ, Bellito was now part of No to Mummies! (!No a las Momías! in Spanish) From then to now, his ability and more confident promos are doing wonders for him. He is arguably CWS’s must-see talent, having feuds for his CWS Championship with almost everybody in the roster.

Photo: Bellito’s Facebook

Things even got better in August, when he debuted for World Wrestling Council – Puerto Rico’s premier promotion – and now is featured nationally throughout the island in Puerto Rico’s number one channel WAPA and WAPA America. It seemed that the writers are impressed with him, as he is now being giving a spot in the lower card and being feature in the Sindicato vs. WWC Roster story.

We can only hope what he will do in the next 3 years…

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