Davey Boy Smith Jr. Saves Woman From Suicide Jump

While most of the wrestling world was watching WWE TLC with the return of Kurt Angle and the dream match-up of Finn Balor vs. AJ Styles, Davey Boy Smith Jr. – aka Harry Smith, son of the legendary WWE Legend “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith and Stu Hart‘s daughter, Diana – was doing something even more monumentally huge. He saved a local Calgary woman from jumping off a bridge and ending her life.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. Saves Woman From Suicide Jump

According a post from Smith on his Twitter account, while driving around his hometown of Calgary, Alberta (he was working for Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) this weekend), he pulled over when he saw people trying to talk a woman from jumping off a bridge. Smith immediately went to assist in helping her, and ended up not only saved her from falling from the bridge, but pulled her up and held her until the authorities arrived to safely contain the woman.

Photo: Harry Smith’s Facebook/Twitter accounts

Here’s Smith’s entire recap of the events:

Photo: Harry Smith’s Facebook/Twitter

Smith’s mother Diana was on hand to corroborate Smith’s story.

In a world full of fictionalized heroes and bad guys, there is always time for them to become real life heroes, which is exactly what Harry Smith was today. A former 2x WWE World Tag Team champion with Tyson Kidd in the Hart Legacy in the WWE (as David Hart Smith), he’s currently one half of the 3x (and reigning) IWGP Tag Team Champions, the Killer Elite Squad (with Lance Archer) in NJPW.

Photo: Twitter

It didn’t take long for some of Smith’s peers in the industry to reach out to Smith for his amazing feat of courage. Kudos to Harry Smith for acting quickly and saving this woman’s life, and hopes she gets the medical attention she needs and deserves to continue to find happiness in this world.