Preview: PWG All-Star Weekend 2017

PWG All-Star Weekend 2017

PWG is hot off one of the best Battle Of Los Angeles tournaments ever, the winner Ricochet will be getting a PWG championship match on Night 2. Joey Janela was the replacement for the injured TK Cooper (he broke his ankle) in Battle Of Los Angeles, Janela has been brought back after a great debut. Australia’s Adam Brooks will be debuting this weekend in Reseda, California against fellow countryman Jonah Rock. There will be 2 nights of some of the most innovative wrestling in the world so let’s get to the matches.

PWG All-Star Weekend Night 1

3-Way Match: Sammy Guevara vs Rey Horus vs Flamita
A three-way match between some of the top high flyers anywhere, this is going to have the fans in The American Legion going crazy. Guevara impressed in Battle Of Los Angeles defeating Joey Janela but he has three Luchadors to contend with in one match here. Flamita is new to PWG only competing on a handful of shows and he could use a major win. Rey Horus dazzles with his unique offense in every match and could win with his musclebuster-gutbuster or many different moves. After all of the dives it may be the WrestleCircus standout Guevara flying towards the main event.
Prediction: Rey Fenix wins the 4-Way match.

Flash Morgan Webster vs “The Kiwi Buzzsaw” Travis Banks
A match that could easily take place in the UK as well, both compete for PROGRESS Wrestling, but Banks is their World champion. Flash is a very underrated talent, competing sometimes as a Cruiserweight and these 2 are about the same size at under 200 pounds. Travis Banks has really come into his own in recent years as a performer and you can tell he really enjoys the raucous PWG crowd. Banks may be more intense, but Flash is every bit as great at catch-wrestling and could score a massive win. It could all come down to one mistake though and Flash gets caught in The Lion’s Clutch or The Kiwi Crusher.
Prediction: Travis Banks picks up the win.

“The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs “The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee
This has the potential to be the most eye-popping and wild match of the whole weekend. Janela likes to take risks and bring in a steel chair among other weapons. Trevor Lee is a fantastic technical wrestler, but he can also fly with the best of them. Both have a wide variety of moves you don’t see everyday but it really could come down to who can outsmart the other. Trevor Lee claims he is an Impact Wrestling Superstar and he won’t want to lose to anybody at this turning point in his career.
Prediction: Trevor Lee gets the victory.

“The Future Of Flight” Ricochet vs Walter
The elite high-flyer vs the German powerhouse. This is what matchmaking is all about, not only could you not guess the outcome but you don’t know how the styles will collide. Ricochet has kicks for days and endurance unlike any other but Walter could even things up with a massive Powerbomb at any time. Ricochet has been in PWG for a long time and Walter is just entering the company. It really comes down to Ricochet hitting a 630 Splash or something spectacular, or Walter chokes out “The Future Of Flight.”
Prediction: Ricochet wins.

“Limitless” Keith Lee vs Jonah Rock
Keith Lee was originally set to face Matt Riddle in an Evolve Wrestling  rematch, but Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb receive a PWG tag team championship match instead. Jonah Rock had a great BOLA defeating former PWG world champion Zack Sabre Jr. and this would be another win to turn heads. Lee is 290 pounds and Rock is 275 pounds so that is going to be a lot of mass in the ring, especially if these guys go to the top rope like they have in the past. Lee wins most of his PWG matches and has a huge upside so it looks like a Spirit Bomb away from ye another victory.
Prediction: Keith Lee wins

Adam Brooks vs Mark Haskins
Brooks makes his debut after making waves in MCW in Australia like Jonah Rock. Brooks is a great technician, but all-around great performer so it will be interesting to see how the PWG faithful take to him. Haskins is one of the UK’s finest and the current OTT World champion. Brooks will be sure to be a slimy heel in this match, but it may not be enough against Haskins smooth and brutal offense. A tight Sharpshooter or Star Armbar could be the finish to look out for.
Prediction: Mark Haskins wins.

PWG World tag team championship: The Chosen Bros (Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb) vs The Lucha Bros (C) (Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix)
When the card changed to feature this match, it probably made a lot of people happy because The Chosen Bros have been teaming for 1 year in PWG to earn this championship match. Riddle tapped out Penta in Battle Of Los Angeles but it would be tough to do that in this match with great partners. Penta and Fenix have been the team to watch since beating The Young Bucks for the PWG tag team championships with tag team combos never seen before. This will be more of a slug-fest than a high-flying display if The Chosen Bros have any say but they are headed to New Japan Pro Wrestling for the annual Tag League Tournament that may take them away from America for a couple months. One thing is for sure and that’s a match we will never forget and maybe the tag team match of the year with this title match.
Prediction: The Lucha Bros retain the PWG World tag team championships.

PWG All-Star Weekend Night 2

Rey Horus vs Matt Sydal
Sydal is PWG’s longest tenured member of the roster, competing in his sixth Battle Of Los Angeles last month. This is a first time match and sure to be risk-taking. Sydal has not slowed down much over the years but he has gotten smarter, wearing over opponents legs to set up submission attempts. Rey Horus will look to springboard and make the most out of his time in California and it would be a landmark victory in Horus’ career if he wins.
Prediction: Rey Horus wins.

Adam Brooks vs Jonah Rock
A match between 2 Aussies in a PWG ring should be unforgettable and may get Brooks booked regularly in PWG or America in general. Brooks is a heel waiting to break out and Rock impresses more every match. Rock has some of the best big-man offense going like The Vader Bomb from the corner and The Death Drop Driver. If Brooks wants to make an impression he will need to win or take it to Rock like no one else has.
Prediction: Adam Brooks wins.

“The Bad Boy” Joey Janela vs ” The Villain” Marty Scurll
What will happen when “The Bad Boy” meets “The Villain”? Janela had been a fan-favorite in PWG so far even though he is very outrageous. Scurll is loaded with charisma as well but is more technically proficient so Janela better stretch his arms out for this match. If it becomes more of a hardcore affair then Scurll needs to watch out because Janela could dive from anywhere or even introduce a cinder block. Scurll needs to do what he does best and that’s outwrestle his man and lock in the Chickenwing and that may just be what happens.
Prediction: Marty Scurll wins.

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Haskins vs The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)
A tag team match we have yet to ever see, the British master technicians vs perhaps the best tag team in the world. Haskins and Webster not only faced each other the night before but they do not regularly team so this is going to be a tall order against the former PWG World tag team champions. If Haskins and Webster work as a cohesive team and try submissions on The Young Bucks than that would be a game-changer. If you are looking for innovation than look no further than The Young Bucks, they like to show off with moves like the Meltzer Driver and it always works. Once the superkick party ends I would look for More Bang For Your Buck and the 1, 2, 3.
Prediction: The Young Bucks win.

Travus Banks vs Trent?
Trent? returns after becoming a Heavyweight in New Japan Pro Wrestling, this is one of the finest booked matches of the weekend as we are guaranteed a marvelous match. Banks is as fast and agile as anybody and Trent? knows more about wrestling than a lot of people have forgot. Trent? has wrestled in many companies, even WWE and you can’t put it past him to hit a Dude-Buster and win this one. Banks though is not just a great tag team wrestler like Trent? But he is also moving up the singles ladder and would benefit greatly from a win to move up the card.
Prediction: Travis Banks wins.

“The Technical Wizard” Zack Sabre Jr. Vs Walter
Even though Walter outweighs Sabre by over 100 pounds, Sabre is not necessarily the underdog due to his incredible wrestling acumen. Both have travelled the world in pursuit of becoming the best, Walter from wXw in Germany. Sabre from  Rev Pro in the UK. Now that they come to America often it was only a matter of time until they get and PWG is the first to book it. Walter is deceptively fast with his strikes and has the stiffest chops in the business. Sabre will have to trap Walter in his trademark submissions but tapping out Walter is a task you don’t want to make. Sabre is known to use a European Clutch bridge to win matches but all Walter needs is something high impact and it could be over for the Evolve Wrestling  and Rev Pro World champion.

Prediction: Walter wins.

PWG World championship: “The Future Of Flight” Ricochet vs “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor
Ricochet receives his title shot from winning Battle Of Los Angeles in a grueling 3-Day tournament. Chuck Taylor defends the Championship he waited his entire career to earn. These men have not met often and are 2 of the most popular in the whole company. Chuck Taylor is never reluctant to defend the title and he will need to put the goofyness aside in this main event. Ricochet has spectacular offense and many ways to win a match whether it be a high Flatliner or a top rope dive. This could be Ricochet’s send-off from independent wrestling, he has decided to move on from Lucha Underground and New Japan Pro Wrestling as well. This could be one of the best of the year if there are no swerves.
Prediction: Chuck Taylor retains the PWG World Championship

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