Lady Shani Wins AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

AAA‘s Reina de Reinas championship – the company’s top women’s title – has been a source of controversy since this summer. But AAA is hoping to move on and bring prestige back to the title with Lady Shani winning the vacant title last night at their Heroes Immortales XI event in Mexico.

The controversial surroundings of the title began on July 1 of this year when fan favourite Taya Valkyrie was unceremoniously stripped of her title for “no showing” the event. In reality, she was never even booked, as she was out with an injury. Just over two weeks later, on July 16, Sexy Star returned to AAA after leaving a year prior, and captured her 3rd Reina de Reinas title, in a move that enraged Taya and forced her to quit AAA.

In August at AAA’s TripleMania XXV, in a fatal four way against Lady Shani, Ayako Hamada, and Impact’s Rosemary, Sexy Star injured Rosemary by dislocating her shoulder in an armbar, which led to a massive backlash from the wrestling industry. On September 4, Sexy Star was stripped of the title and removed from future AAA events.

Lady Shani is a glimpse at the future of Mexican women’s wrestling, as she’s only 24 years old. She started training as a teenager in 2009 under Dr. Karonte (father of Caristico, aka Mistico, aka original Sin Cara), Silver King, and Platino and was working Mexican indies the next year. In 2012, she caught the eye of AAA, where she’s been a regular ever since. This win marks the first singles title of her career.

Taya Valkyrie sent her congratulations to the new champion after the victory. Translated, Taya said “I’m super proud of you little sister! No one like you, anyone with so much heart for success. Congratulations!”

Meanwhile, Sexy Star competed in and won a boxing match on Saturday, the day before the AAA event, seemingly returning to the boxing ring with her apparent departure from AAA following the entire incident.